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28.08.2009 – 08:01

Rosenbauer International AG

EANS-Interim Report: Rosenbauer International AG
Interim Announcement

  Intermediate report of the management transmitted by euro adhoc. The issuer
  is responsible for the content of this announcement.


|KEY FIGURES                       |       |1-6/2009|1-6/2008 |Changes in %|
|Revenues                          |EUR Mio| 240.6  |215.7    |+ 12%       |
|EBIT                              |EUR Mio|  15.5  | 18.1    |(14%)       |
|EBT                               |EUR Mio|  13.2  | 15.3    |(14%)       |
|Consolidated profit1)             |EUR Mio|  10.4  | 11.9    |(13%)       |
|Cash flow from operating          |EUR Mio| (46.1) |  7.2    |            |
|activities                        |       |        |         |            |
|Total assets                      |EUR Mio| 332.6  | 281.3   |+ 18%       |
|Investments                       |EUR Mio|   7.3  |   4.5   |+ 62%       |
|Earnings per share                |EUR    |   1.0  |   1.4   |(29%)       |
|Employees as at June 30           |       | 1,872  | 1,703   |+ 10%       |
|Order intake                      |EUR Mio| 295.2  | 256.2   |+ 15%       |
|Order backlog as at June 30       |EUR Mio| 538.8  | 406.7   |+ 32%       |
    1) Before profits/losses on minority interest.

The world economy remained in a weak state throughout the second quarter of
2009. Both in this quarter and in the first half-year as a whole, the
consequences of the global economic and financial crisis were still not making
themselves felt on the ROSENBAUER Group. Future procurement will depend
crucially upon how fire brigades are financed. In the case of procurement
funded from tax revenues or by special financing schemes, this may mean a one-
to two-year time-lag. Sooner or later, then, the economic crisis must be
expected to have an impact on the fire-equipment sector. Although this impact
will vary from one region to another, its overall effect will be to intensify
competition still further. However, recent months' very satisfactory order
intake, and the record order-book levels this has led to at the ROSENBAUER
Group, indicate that the production facilities are likely to be working to
capacity until at least the middle of 2010.

Recent high shipment volumes were sustained during the period under review. At
EUR 240.6 Mio (1-6/2008: EUR 215.7 Mio) Group revenues in the first half of
2009 were 12% above the comparable 2008 figure. This revenue growth is mainly 

due to higher shipments on the American and Austrian markets.

First-six-month EBIT of EUR 15.5 Mio came in below the comparable figure for last year (1-6/2008: EUR 18.1 Mio). This decrease is due to the exceptionally high gross margins earned on certain contracts in the first three months of last year, which had led to an unusually high EBIT margin of 8.4% for the first half of 2008. The average EBIT margin posted in the first half of each of the past five years is 4.5%. At 6.4%, the EBIT margin for the first half of 2009 is above this average and so is still at a very satisfactory level.

Group order intake continued at a very satisfactory pace in the first half of 2009, reaching a new record of EUR 295.2 Mio (1-6/2008: EUR 256.2 Mio). This order intake figure includes the major order placed at the beginning of the year by Saudi Arabia's General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to supply 220 fire fighting vehicles and fire & safety equipment worth a total of about EUR 100 Mio.

At EUR 538.8 Mio (June 30, 2008: EUR 406.7 Mio), order books per the end of the first half of the year for the first time broke the 500 million euro barrier. This means that ROSENBAUER can be sure of full capacity utilization for many months to come, and gives it a fairly clear preview of the likely medium-term revenue trend.

On the strength of the course of business during the first half of the year, Management can confirm its expectations for continued growth throughout 2009. Group revenues are expected to come in around 10% above last year's (2008: EUR 500.3 Mio). On the assumption that the high volume of shipments continues to be fulfilled smoothly, Management believes that it should be possible to match last year's record EBIT figure (2008: EUR 39.9 Mio). In view of the even stiffer competition, a somewhat narrower EBIT margin is expected than last year, of between 7% and 7.5% (2008: 8.0%).

The Half-year Financial Report 2009 is available on the ROSENBAUER Web site as PDF version.

Text and visual material are available under

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