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23.11.2007 – 08:12

Rosenbauer International AG

euro adhoc: Rosenbauer International AG
quarterly or semiannual financial statement
3rd Quarter characterized by continued growth Order books still at record levels (EUR 395.2 Mio)

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9-month report
. 3rd Quarter characterized by continued growth
    . Order books still at record levels (EUR 395.2 Mio)
    . High shipment volumes at year-end
    . Market volume still at high level
    . Rise of at least 10% in revenues and EBIT forecast for 2007
|KEY FIGURES                       |       |1-9/2007 |1-9/2006 |Changes in % |
|Revenue                           |EUR Mio|277.1    |228.5    |+ 21%      |
|EBIT                              |EUR Mio|15.0     |11.9     |+ 26%      |
|EBT                               |EUR Mio|11.2     |9.1      |+ 23%      |
|Consolidated profit1)             |EUR Mio|9.1      |6.9      |+ 32%      |
|Cash flow from operating          |EUR Mio|(37.1)   |(37.8)   |-          |
|activities                        |       |         |         |           |
|Total assets                      |EUR Mio|268.7    |235.4    |+ 14%      |
|Investments                       |EUR Mio|5.1      |7.8      | (35%)     |
|Employees as at September 30      |       |1,637    |1,498    | + 9%      |
|Order intake                      |EUR Mio|328.0    |337.7    | (3%)      |
|Order backlog as at September 30  |EUR Mio 395.2    |337.6    |+ 17%      |
1) Consolidated profit before profits/losses on minority interest
The third quarter was marked by further growth for the Rosenbauer Group, with
satisfying improvements in both revenues and the result. Measured against the
first three quarters of 2006, Group revenues were up 21.3% at EUR 277.1 Mio
(1-9/2006: EUR 228.5 Mio). International export business and US sales were once
again the main drivers of corporate growth. On the back of this increase in
revenues, the operating result (EBIT) also surged by 26.1% to EUR 15.0 Mio
(1-9/2006: EUR 11.9 Mio), with profitability (EBIT margin) slightly above last
year's level, at 5.4% (1-9/2006: 5.2%).
Due to the preponderance of public-sector clients, the bulk of all shipments
this financial year - as in previous years - will be effected towards the
year-end. Accordingly, it is in the last few months of each financial year that
the bulk of its revenues and result tends to be realized.
Owing to the increased financing requirements for fulfilling the high volume of
orders, and to markedly higher interest rates, the finance cost swelled to EUR
-3.6 Mio (1-9/2006: EUR -2.7 Mio). The pro-rata result from the joint venture in
China came to EUR -0.2 Mio (1-9/2006: EUR 0.0 Mio). Overall, then, EBT in the
first  three quarters of this year totalled EUR 11.2 Mio (1-9/2006: EUR 9.1
A year-on-year quarterly comparison shows that in the usually rather slower  3rd
quarter, both the Group's revenues, at EUR 98.8 Mio (7-9/2006: EUR 81.1 Mio) and
its  EBIT at EUR 6.2 Mio (7-9/2006: EUR 4.5 Mio) were up on the comparable
figures for last year.
The Rosenbauer Group is expecting the positive trend on the relevant markets  to
continue during the coming months. Market volumes in the fire-equipment  sector
are expected to remain at a high level. On the strength of the results for the
first three quarters, and assuming that the high shipment volumes are fulfilled
as planned, 2007 has the  makings of a record year. Given the high degree of
capacity  utilization at the production companies, the composition of the orders
on hand, and timely availability of production materials, the Management of the
Rosenbauer Group still expects 2007 to bring a rise of at least 10% in revenues
and EBIT.
end of announcement                               euro adhoc 23.11.2007 07:30:00

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Rosenbauer International AG
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WKN: 892502
Index: WBI, ATX Prime
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