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09.03.2006 – 10:00


Cordless VoIP by AVM

Cordless VoIP by AVM
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Berlin/Hanover (ots)

AVM FT 7150 D
   Cordless VoIP by AVM-World Premiere Combination-
   DECT Telephone Integrated in an ADSL CPE with VoIP
- Just one device combines ADSL modem, WLAN router and DECT phone
   - Perfectly easy VoIP calling thanks to high integration
   - Internet telephony with no computer running
   - Full convenience, answering machine, and color display
   - Compact size, elegant design
AVM's "Cordless VoIP" exhibit at Cebit 2006 presents in action the
first highly integrated combination featuring an ADSL modem, a WLAN
router, a DECT telephone, and Voice over IP. The FT 7150 D permits
phone calls both over the Internet and over a fixed line, with no
need to turn on the computer. The Berlin communications specialist
AVM has integrated all the components necessary for data and voice
communication in a single product with a footprint no bigger than a
CD box. With its compact size and elegant silver case, it will be
welcome anywhere in the home. Inside is a high-tech device to meet
the highest demands for both performance and convenience.
One Device for Everything-Cordless VoIP with Excellent Voice
By integrating all components for voice and data communications in
one device, AVM delivers a new kind of quality in Internet access and
cordless Internet telephony. There's no need to turn on the PC to
make cheap phone calls over the Internet. The new cordless VoIP
device handles all voice communications. The FT 7150 D connects to
ADSL, and to a fixed phone line too if desired. Furthermore, it
detects automatically whether the line is ISDN or POTS. Its
integrated bandwidth manager automatically regulates the PC's data
streams during a VoIP connection, so that phone calls over the ADSL
line always have optimum sound quality. The device also works on
ADSL2+ lines. Computers can be connected through a LAN or WLAN.
Wireless connections to PCs use the 802.11b and 802.11g standards, as
well as 802.11g++ (125 Mbit/s). Thanks to factory-activated WPA
encryption and a unique password, the WLAN is protected against
eavesdroppers. Moreover, the USB host port shares memory sticks,
printers or disk drives throughout the network.
Easy Operation
All settings can be conveniently adjusted from the PC through a
browser window. Call routing is extremely flexible, permitting
special rules for individual callers. For example, an unwelcome
caller can be routed to the answering machine, and personal calls to
a cellphone. Since the telephone is dovetailed with a modem and
router, the phone book and caller list for example can be
conveniently managed at the PC.
Latest-Generation DECT Handset
The DECT handset of the FT 7150 D provides maximum cordless
telephone convenience, including a graphic color display, a digital
answering machine, a phone book for 200 contacts, and a maximum
talking time of 17 hours. The stand-by time on one battery charge is
up to one week. The handset is one of the few phones on the market to
provide an economy mode. When it is cradled on the base station, the
DECT wireless transmission power is minimized. Other handsets can
also be logged on using the DECT GAP profile.
Launch Through Marketing Partners
The FT 7150 D by AVM will be available in the course of the
current year through network operator and provider marketing.


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