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24.09.2020 – 09:50

Luoro GmbH

Revolutionary face mask can prevent cross-contamination

Revolutionary face mask can prevent cross-contamination
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Cologne (ots)

The Cologne-based medical technology company WingGuard presents a new generation of face masks. The Face Mask Pro is made using the patented Livinguard technology, which destroys pathogens. It can be purchased online at

The corona crisis has paralysed the global economy for months now. However, it has also had a positive side effect: companies all over the world are investing their knowledge and human resources in the development of new technologies that can help the world overcome the crisis.

The Swiss tech company Livinguard has achieved a major breakthrough: an antiviral face mask. It is now being distributed to all EU countries by WingGuard. The masks are treated with the patented Livinguard technology, which covers the fabric with polycations. Thanks to this coating, the surface of the fabric is positively charged. Viruses, on the other hand, have a negatively-charged surface. When a virus comes into contact with the surface of the mask, the fabric's positive charge breaks open the virus, rendering it harmless. This means the mask is constantly disinfecting itself, which helps prevent cross contamination from the fabric to other surfaces.

Recent studies by RWTH Aachen and FU Berlin universities have shown that the Livinguard fabric can destroy up to 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2. The virus can survive on the surface of conventional masks up to several days and cause infections, which is why the Face Mask Pro is so much safer.

Furthermore, the Face Mask Pro can be reused more than 200 days, which means it is more environmentally-friendly and more affordable in the long run. It is designed as an everyday mask, and can be used at school and at work. It is suitable for children from 8 years of age.

The Face Mask Pro can be purchased at

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