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Paper carrier bags help to combat climate change

Paper carrier bags help to combat climate change
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Stockholm/Paris (ots)

Making one's own actions more sustainable is a good resolution for the new year. A first simple step is to consider the environment when choosing your own packaging, for example by using paper bags. To what extent paper carrier bags contribute to combating climate change has been summarised in a new infographic. It was published by the platform "The Paper Bag", an association of Europe's leading manufacturers of kraft paper and paper carrier bags.

"In a world facing challenges such as globalisation, climate change and a scarcity of raw materials, it is vital that consumers can make informed decisions," explains Kennert Johansson, Acting Secretary General of CEPI Eurokraft. "With our infographic, we want to raise awareness of the advantages of paper carrier bags as sustainable packaging that contribute to reducing littering and environmental pollution." Paper bags are made from wood, an ever-growing resource. In Europe, it is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to the continuous replanting of trees, Europe's forest area has increased by 17.5 million hectares during the last 25 years. Sustainable forest management maintains biodiversity and ecosystems and provides a habitat for wildlife, recreational areas and jobs. Moreover, trees act as a carbon sink, which makes them effective at mitigating climate change.

In addition to the environmental aspects, consumers can rely on strong packaging that carries anything up to 12 kg, can be reused several times and be recycled. If paper bags end up in the natural setting, they degrade within 2-5 months and do not harm the environment. Thus, paper bags are perfectly in line with a modern and sustainable consumer lifestyle.

Find all language versions of the infographic here.

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