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Even before the real BREXIT: The BREXIT song is here

Even before the real BREXIT: The BREXIT song is here
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London, Berlin, Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg (ots)

What began at the European Party Congress in Munich in October 2019 is now being continued by the performance artist Heiko Saxo with his fictional character "John Future".

With a new song for kids "T-REX Brexit Deal Song" ( he presents the blue European manikin "John Future", which has very special messages to announce.

With "Hello John TV" on YouTube, Saxos' sympathetic puppet character "John Future" sings his new message, this time addressed to all Europeans.

With the text scene "Come on, come on Baby - the world goes down, the world goes Downing Street", the little "John Future" symbolically takes over the reins at the British seat of government and explains in simple words his longing for political harmony.

The title was created in 2019 when the painting "E.T. Johnson goes home "by Saxo when he philosophized about the possible BEXIT with the EU parliamentarian Manfred Weber in front of the Olympic Stadium in Munich. The painting was later sold in an auction in Paris.

"Hello here is John" is the motto of the little European manikin with extraterrestrial roots. "Because only this species can still create order on our planet," says Saxo, who communicates with John via special radio waves, as he remarks with a wink.

Saxo calls on artists and media professionals to carry his "European mascot" into the world as a peacemaker - free of charge if his copyright is named. "The world should unite peacefully instead of dividing. The missing British star symbolized by John's nose should be brought back to Europe, "said the artist Saxo. He would like to make his contribution to this. This can be heard at:

Saxo, the successful international automobile artist, once again proves his diversity with his creative excursion into the world of music for children and adults and is once again causing a sensation in the professional world. We can look forward to more surprises!


Luise Böttcher

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