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30.09.2019 – 16:26

Still Baby GmbH

So that all mothers and fathers can sleep better: The digital pacifier for quieter nights

So that all mothers and fathers can sleep better: The digital pacifier for quieter nights
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Steinhausen (ots)

Do you know the feeling: A crying baby, restless nights, looking for pacifiers and singing lullabies again and again? These times will soon be a thing of the past. Because with the new, patent pending digital pacifier "Still" the baby is completely digitally monitored.

The innovations that are combined in a single pacifier could come from a science fiction film: microcameras, intercom systems, infrared measuring devices, music and voice recognition, thermometer, sleep and stabilization sensors as well as Bluetooth and apps...

Sonja, a 48-year-old mother, and Roland Kirchhofer, a well-known economic controller, take the leading role for the new digital pacifier. Sonja came up with the idea of developing a digital pacifier while looking after her grandchildren. Best of all with a camera and many sensors, so that mum and dad are safe: Now the child sleeps deeply and you don't have to worry. After various researches they founded a start-up company.

Another driving force was the fear of infant death. "As a mother one is constantly afraid that the baby could die of infant death," explains Kirchhofer. Surveys have also shown that the safety and well-being of the baby are of enormous value to 93% of all parents. Thanks to built-in sensors, they now know when and how deeply the baby sleeps. If it gets restless, you can talk to the baby or play soothing music. In addition, the temperature is constantly measured and the heart rate is monitored.

Kirchhofer is now seeking fresh capital via crowdfunding at Not only do surveys of plagued parents demonstrate a need, but the Technical University of Rapperswil, a renowned Swiss institute under the direction of Professor Dr. Loichinger, also stands behind the development.

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