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#EuroLeaks - "How Europe's leaders take intransparent decisions about our future"

#EuroLeaks - "How Europe's leaders take intransparent decisions about our future"
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Today, on the 14th March 2020, the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiME25) will release the complete audio files of Yanis Varoufakis’ Eurogroup meetings in 2015 on: !

During 2015 Yanis Varoufakis participated in thirteen Eurogroup meetings. After the first three Eurogroup meetings it became clear that no minutes were being taken!

This kind of intransparent action by an unelected group of politicians who influence all our lives is unacceptable.

That is why DiEM25 will release the recordings of the meetings of the Eurogroup from 2015 on the 14th of March.

Two particular aspects should be emphasized today:

1. The new right-wing Greek government of Nea Dimokratia [New Democracy] has
 repeatedly tried to lay the blame of their failed economic policies to Yanis
 Varoufakis 2015 negotiation on behalf of the SYRIZA government for a better
 deal that made more sense then the Troika’s repeatedly failed,
 austerity-oriented memorandum. In short, they are accusing the only one who
 stood against the absurdity of austerity politics, for the results of
 austerity politics!
2. The European community is still trapped in massive austerity programs, which
 in many countries have led to a renaissance of right-wing populism. With all
 the consequences that can be observed at the Greek-Turkish border: inhumanity
 and xenophobia.

The decisions of that time have had a lasting impact not just on the Greek population but on all Europeans.

What we aim to achieve by releasing the recordings is nothing less than the democratisation of the EU! Only through transparency is it possible for elected parliamentarians to make fundamental decisions.

DiEM25 as a pan-European organisation has a special interest in restoring the confidence of the citizens of Europe in its institutions and to make Europe finally become what it has failed to be so far: A community that serves the peoples of Europe and creates a better future for all citizens not just financial institutions and powerful vested interests. Brexit has happened and we have to make sure that the European Union does not continue to lose itself in petty squabbles where no single country will emerge the winner.

Much trust has been lost over the last few years. With this initiative, we do not wish to play into the hands of the Eurosceptics, but rather to ensure that, by moving towards more transparency and democracy, the trust and faith of the people is regained.

Euroleaks is a wake-up call to all politicians in Europe to serve the citizens of Europe again and to make them aware of all important decisions that affect them.

The people of Europe have the right to know what was decided behind closed doors and how it affects them today. To make it better in the future and avoid these mistakes for the future. This is the only way we can save Europe and the EU!

Here you will find the complete audio files of the secret sessions as well as the corresponding transcriptions. And here a video of Yanis Varoufakis.

For further questions we are at your disposal.

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