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The latest trend: Safety as a Christmas gift
Keeping home in sight with a smart surveillance camera

The latest trend: Safety as a Christmas gift / Keeping home in sight with a smart surveillance camera
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Berlin (ots)

Gift givers and receivers are playing it doubly safe this year with internet cameras for home surveillance. These on-trend cameras mean users can look, listen and talk into their own four walls at any time, from anywhere. Giving a Canary camera this Christmas means gifting something sustainable which also meets the increased need for security, with a surprise!

Finding the right Christmas present can quickly become a challenge. Gifts should be pleasurable, useful, lasting and yet original. Shoppers looking to escape aimless rambles through department store shelves or online click marathons will find the right gift in the form of internet cameras, which carry on providing joy long after the festivities have passed. It's also a present very much in line with current trends, as this year's International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin showed. There, the Internet of Things (IoT) proved a popular recurring theme and modern IP cameras such as Canary's come equipped with IoT functions including motion detectors, person recognition, alarms, night-vision mode, microphones and loudspeakers.

Installing these cameras is simple and only takes a few minutes. Users can then check in on their smartphone, tablet or PC to make sure everything is OK at home. As soon as something moves or a noise is registered the user receives an alarm via email or push notification, directly to their mobile device.

As an example of what's on the market, The Canary View HD camera is available from £79 which includes its full premium service. The Canary Pro (£159) combines an HD camera with a 90 decibel siren as well air quality, temperature and humidity monitors. Through the integration of artificial intelligence, the camera continues to learn over time and will be able to recognise whether users are at home as well as distinguish between heir regular and unusual activities.

Additionally, the Canary Flex (£189) combines flexibility with weather resistance. The WiFi camera can be set-up inside or outside and is powered either by cable or built-in battery. Its 360 degree rotatable magnetic base also means it can be positioned and mounted as desired. All Canary models deliver sharp, HD-quality video even in the dark thanks to automatic night vision functions, integrated two-way audio also allows Canary users to listen into what's happening at home, as well as talk back.

The days around the turn of the year are ideal for setting up a surveillance camera, in particular to protect against burglars who thrive at this quiet time of year. Many of us are away visiting friends and family during the festive period but police recommend that even the sight of a camera can reduce the risk of burglary. "IP cameras give you security and an additional feeling of safety" says a company spokesman.

Internet cameras can also be used in multi-varied ways, either as a baby monitor or to keep an eye on pets. Canary doesn't just protect your home, it also allows you to be with your baby in the nursery or see what your fluffy friend is doing, at any time.

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Canary's goal is to make the world a safer place by providing people with the information they need in everyday life. The company combines modern products with innovative software and elegant design to make security a unique experience. Through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and a variety of sensors, Canary cameras intelligently recognise events and provide users with relevant information which connects them to the people and places they care about. Canary distributes its products in North America and Europe and has users in 180 countries.


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