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13.11.2019 – 11:43


Statement from Christian Krawinkel, CKV: Boris Becker Trophies

Berlin (ots)

Christian Krawinkel, along with his company CKV, entered the bidding in July 2019 in the forced sale of Boris Becker memorabilia with half a million euros, with the intention of keeping the tennis star's collection intact in its entirety.

CKV even contacted the London-based insolvency administrator Mark Ford with the idea of purchasing the rights to the nine cups possibly still in existence that have been declared missing before the insolvency court. When Boris Becker refused to sign a statement to the effect that the cups would not be valued before auction, Christian Krawinkel withdrew from the negotiations through his London lawyers Irwin Mitchell.

Over the entire course of events, Boris Becker has shown no interest in discussions and has spent the time on holiday in headline-seeking mode. Now Khaled Ezzedine has suddenly contacted CKV in connection with a tennis academy project in Hochheim am Main with a planned Becker Museum, with a view to gaining possession of the collection - preferably as donation or permanent loan. Ezzedine has also told Krawinkel several times by phone that he in any case already possesses Boris Becker's promissory notes regarding the missing cups, and that Becker will gradually transfer ownership to him. The current situation, in which promissory notes are in circulation that relate to cups that officially do not exist, is dubious from a legal standpoint. Bankruptcy administrator Mark Ford has not publicly auctioned these rights to the highest bidder in the interests of the creditors, but presumably sold them to a third party, as is revealed in the recent additional revenue from the auction. Instead of the 764,000 euros shown to date, more than 930,000 euros in funds from the auction of the trophies have now been published. Source: BILD 9.11.19)

This fact has led Christian Krawinkel to withdraw definitively and to find another use for the collection, up to and including an independent auction with part of the proceeds going to charity.

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