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"Famous city in Lingnan·Beautiful Shaoguan - Photo Exhibition of Shaoguan Culture and Tourism" made a stage pose in Helsinki

"Famous city in Lingnan·Beautiful Shaoguan - Photo Exhibition of Shaoguan Culture and Tourism" made a stage pose in Helsinki
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Helsinki (ots)

On July 2 (local time, Finland), the "Famous city in Lingnan-Beautiful Shaoguan - Photo Exhibition of Shaoguan Culture and Tourism" was grandly held at Wanha Satama Exhibition Center in Helsinki, Finland. The event was sponsored by the People's Government of Shaoguan and jointly organized by Press and Publication Bureau of Shaoguan Municipality, Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Shaoguan Municipality, CBT China Book Trading GmbH of the China International Publishing Group. Nearly 80 Chinese and foreign officials, including You Yi, Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Finland, Touko Kontro, Startup Business Advisor of the Government of City of Helsinki, Leena Lassila, director of Global Sales of Helsinki Marketing, and representatives from the business, culture, and media circles as well as overseas Chinese and Chinese institutions attended the event.

In his keynote speech, Liu Qiyu, member of the Standing Committee of Shaoguan Municipality and the Director General of the Publicity Department, said the Culture and Tourism Photo Exhibition held by Shaoguan in Helsinki aims to introduce the overall situations of culture and tourism of Shaoguan to the Chinese and foreign populace in Finland in the simplest and most direct way through photos and videos. Shaoguan is a central city in the northern part of Guangdong Province in China. It has a history of more than 2,100 years with profound cultural deposits. Shaoguan has since ancient time been a transport hub and civilization tie linking the maritime and land Silk Road. The Central Plain culture, Lingnan culture, and foreign cultures from the maritime Silk Road integrated in the area and developed innovatively, forming the opening, inclusive, friendly and warming features of Shaoguan. The city also created many cultures with local characteristics of surname migration culture, Zen culture, Shao Le culture, Yao ethnic culture and the ancient path culture. Such creations leave precious spiritual and cultural richness for the mankind. The city sincerely welcomes people from all walks of life in Finland and overseas Chinese to visit Shaoguan and conduct cultural exchanges, travel and invest in the city.


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