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The new DriveLock Release 2019.2 is now available

Munich/Germany (ots)

DriveLock, a leading global provider of IT and data security solutions, recently announced the availability of its new Release 2019.2 with a wide range of extensions and enhancements. The new additions include optimized malware defense functions, a new DriveLock Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) for BitLocker, and BitLocker To Go for the mandatory encryption of external USB storage media.

Visit the DriveLock stand at RSA in San Francisco from February 24-27 for more information and a demo (stand 5671-10, German Pavilion)!

Additional enhancements facilitate internal security awareness campaigns; provide more control over user devices via Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR); and deliver a range of administrative and visualization options within the DriveLock Operations Center (DOC). For the first time, the Release 2019.2 combines data and endpoint protection along with endpoint detection and response.

Version 2019.2 includes the extended DriveLock Operations Center, which is available to on-premise as well as Managed Security Services customers. It provides multiple options for the administration and visualization of all of the hardware, software, licenses, permissions and activities in the corporate network. The range of views and dashboards for security awareness, application control and BitLocker are ready for use immediately and provide security professionals a complete solution delivering all up-to-date information about the current state of their environment.

The new version also centralizes and simplifies management tasks. For example, security teams can visualize group memberships in the EDR view, assign new groups to a computer, and control or manage group-specific policies. They can also create various security alerts sorted by priority, category and degree of severity. This is another way they can constantly monitor all the endpoints in the company.


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