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21.05.2018 – 11:34

P800 SRL

SOLAR ECLIPSE, DC/DC storage system, is a finalist for the EES Award 2018 at Intersolar Europe. The P800 company is now looking for new partners to expand in the European and world market.

Munich (ots)

After the Italian patent has been issued on 2016.01.16, European Patent Office announced the patent will be granted on 2018. Solar Eclipse is patent pending also in USA and China.

In a competitive marketplace with many solutions for energy storage in the AC side, P800 found a completely different approach designing SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Every AC storage system require to install a new inverter to work. Instead, SOLAR ECLIPSE does not require any modification to the PV plant, nor the substitution or installation of a new inverter.

SOLAR ECLIPSE is a DC/DC storage system with whom people can directly store excess energy from their solar panels, more easily and more efficiently and with lower installation cost:

   - It is directly connected to the solar panels and work in DC 
     current (require only 1 vs 3 DC/AC conversions)
   - It is the smallest storage system on the market
   - It is compatible with every kind of battery pack and solar 
     panels available

After a big success in Italy, the company is now searching new partners and distributors to cooperate to sell this innovative product in Europe and other marketplaces around the world.


Dario Ottolini

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