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22.01.2020 – 14:00

va-Q-tec AG

QOOL Box wins the Design & Innovation Award

QOOL Box wins the Design & Innovation Award
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QOOL Box wins the Design & Innovation Award

The QOOL Box, a thermal box that can keep the temperature on the inside constant for several days without any power supply, was awarded the renowned Design & Innovation Award.

The award team tested the QOOL Box under real conditions and found: "The box was able to satisfy the daily ice cream cravings of the award team for nine days unconditionally, even though it was opened several times a day."

The QOOL Box sets new standards for keeping drinks and food cold, warm or even frozen. It achieves its outstanding insulation performance through insulation technology that is also used in space flight: vacuum insulation panels which are installed in all sides walls, in the lid and in the bottom of the box. The desired temperature in the box is maintained by using so - called temperature elements. Different variations of these elements can maintain temperature ranges from -25 to +25 °C. If you combine the QOOL Box with the QOOL Temperature Elements, the temperature inside can be kept constant for up to 10 days without using an external power supply, in any climate zone, anywhere in the world.

The QOOL Box is a robust premium product, which is manufactured sustainably in Germany with suppliers from the region and from recyclable materials. It can maintain a certain temperature for an exceptionally long period of time without using any power supply and is also particularly durable and is therefore extremely sustainable.

QOOL is a constantly evolving brand, which we will also present at our stand (Hall A4, Stand 417A) at the ISPO in Munich this year. As a highlight, we will introduce our new QOOL Box Eco+ which consists of an increased percentage of recycling materials.

About the Design & Innovation Award

The Design & Innovation Award honors the most outstanding products in the bike, outdoor and tourism industries every year. The award team consists of international journalists, professional test drivers and industry experts. In order to enable the best assessment of the submitted products, real product tests are carried out for this award. It is important for the award team to find out whether the products are actually an innovation and represent real added value for the customer. Test criteria are, for example, the degree of innovation, sustainability, quality and performance of the products. The QOOL Box was selected as one of nine winners in the Technology & App category.

About QOOL®

The QOOL Box was launched in June 2018. Thanks to innovative high-performance insulation and professional heat storage, warm stays warm and cold stays cold. The company behind it continuously develops its products and technologies and invests heavily in research and development. The defined goal is to optimize the efficient use of thermal energy worldwide and to develop innovative cooling technologies for everyday use. QOOL guarantees the highest production standards and relies on quality "Made in Germany". The high quality box offers ultimate freedom and does not compromise on performance. At the same time, less energy is wasted and the consumer contributes to a greener future.

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