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01.06.2015 – 15:01

International Solar Energy Society

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) rises to meet global challenges

Freiburg, Germany (ots)

Achieving the transformation to 100% renewable energy requires the strength of knowledgeable experts, emerging young professionals, a strong industry and support from financial institutions and government. 2015 marks an important year as the International Solar Energy Society, ISES, celebrates 60 years of advancing the energy transformation.

   -- To support the work of renewable energy professionals, ISES 
      recently re-launched the International Experts Network (IEN), 
      on online service to connect those searching for expertise with
      the experts. It is an interactive and growing database of 
      professionals, companies and institutions from all renewable 
      energy fields working around the globe. The IEN platform is set
      to become a keystone platform to support the work of those 
      professionals whose work is moving the renewable energy 
      transformation forward. 
   -- This year the ISES Solar World Congress 2015 will be taking 
      place from 8th to the 12th of November in Daegu, South Korea. 
      Participants from all over the world will attend and present 
      their research, projects and work in all fields of renewable 
      energy, network and learn from expert plenary and keynote 
      speakers on a range of technical and cross cutting issues. The 
      event comes just before the COP21 in Paris and will play a 
      vital role bringing the voice of the renewable energy community
      to our world leaders. 
   -- The ISES webinar series was created to reach out to a global 
      audience on the latest in solar energy. Every month ISES holds 
      a live webinar for free on a different solar energy topic 
      ranging from technical to cross cutting topics. Distinguished 
      experts in their fields share their knowledge with participants
      from around the world, from developing and developed countries. 
   -- An exciting development within ISES flagship publication, the 
      Solar Energy journal, is the restructuring of the journal into 
      four distinct sub-sections. Under the leadership of the 
      Editor-in-Chief, Dr. D.Y. Goswami, the Editorial team is being 
      expanded to include four Subject Editors who will cover the 
      most prolific areas of the journal. Over the past 5 years the 
      number of submissions to the journal has increased by 27% and 
      the number of articles published has more than doubled. 
      Research in the solar energy and all renewable energy fields is
      driving force to achieving the 100% renewable energy 


Joanna Costello
Communications and Outreach Officer
International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Wiesentalstr. 50, 79115 Freiburg, Germany
Tel. +49 761 45906-53

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