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Verizon wins the P3 Mobile Benchmark USA 2018

Verizon wins the P3 Mobile Benchmark USA 2018
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York (ots)

Global benchmarking expert P3 has analyzed the four big US carriers in three disciplines - Coverage, Data Speed and Service Availability.

P3, the global leader in benchmarking and testing of mobile networks, has today released its latest report "P3 Mobile Benchmark USA". The report draws a nationwide holistic picture of the quality of service of the US mobile network carriers. It compares the networks of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon with respect to Coverage, Speed and Service Availability across the US states. The data used was collected during the period of three months, from June to August 2018. The analysis is based on a unique crowd source data set of 34.7 billion samples collected from 2.3 million consumers while using their smartphones. The results show:

- Verizon wins the benchmark and achieves the BEST in test award.
- Verizon dominates in Coverage.
- Sprint convinces with second rated User Download Speed.
- A&T impresses with best Service Availability.

To find out about the detailed results:

"We take network benchmarking to the next level - as we are the only company with a holistic approach that combines in-depth knowledge of network performance with insights into real-world usage pattern", says Hakan Ekmen, CEO P3 communications, and continues: "Our crowdsourcing technology is unique, because it allows us to collect data about real-world customer experience in a truly passive way - wherever and whenever customers use their smartphones. With the integration of our crowdsourcing solution into more than 800 diverse apps, we have generated data which is a fair and equal representation as opposed to that of classical speed test apps."

P3 has more than 15 years of experience in benchmarking mobile networks all over the world and the company is known for aggregating data into meaningful metrics that provide a transparent, balanced and highly accepted picture of the competitive situation across different markets.

If you want to know more about our methodology:

The P3 report is the fourth of a series of reports measuring and analyzing the US mobile networks, following the "P3 Connectivity on Interstates Report", the "P3 State Connectivity Report", "P3 Data Speed Report".

About P3:


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