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26.05.2016 – 11:00

Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia launches largest integrated advertising sales organization in Slovakia

Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia launches largest integrated advertising sales organization in Slovakia
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Zurich (ots)

As of May 16th, 2016, Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia and have joined their advertising sales departments under a new brand: Media Impact Slovensko, following the announcement to enter a merger agreement between both companies in June 2016. The new integrated advertising sales unit will offer its clients 360-degree advertising as well as cross-media services. Media Impact Slovensko will be led by Michal Zatkuliak as Sales Director.

The joint efforts of both sales departments will operate under the brand Media Impact Slovensko ( The new organization will be located in Bratislava and will be able to offer customized advertising solutions, featuring innovative advertising products such as native and web video advertising. Its portfolio is made up of strong print and online brands, reaching the vast majority of users in Slovakia, including 11 print titles and more than 50 digital media. Michal Zatkuliak, in the newly established executive position of Sales Director, will lead the sales area at Media Impact Slovensko, while the position of Sales Director for print will remain with Roman Fülöp.

Milan Dubec, CEO Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia: "With the launch of Media Impact Slovensko, we become part of the regional Media Impact network and will use this competitive advantage for providing state of the art advertising services to our clients. The digital world is nowadays linked with creativity, content, native, programmatic advertising and web video advertising within all platforms. Our long-term director of online sales Michal Zatkuliak, one of the top experts in digital advertising within the region, will lead the integrated advertising-sales department under the brand Media Impact in Slovensko."

Media Impact Slovensko follows a concept first introduced in August 2013 by launching Media Impact Polska, followed by Media Impact Srbija in 2015. As new member of this network, Media Impact Slovensko has access to international know-how in providing cutting-edge technology-based solutions for digital publishing and advertising as well as broad reach and strong online and print brands.

Ralph Werner, Group Director Ad Sales Development: "Media Impact Slovensko is the third integrated advertising-sales organization launched under this brand. It is a great step forward for us in offering cross channel advertising solutions for our clients who have operations in different Central Eastern European countries."

About Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

Ringier Axel Springer Media AG was founded in 2010 by the Swiss Ringier AG and the German Axel Springer SE and bundles the activities of both shareholders in Central and Eastern Europe. The company operates in the growth markets of Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia with a broad range of media services, comprising more than 160 digital and print offerings. The company's registered offices are in Zurich and it employs a total of about 3000 employees.

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