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ots Ad hoc-Service: Drillisch AG Growth and profitability continue to increase. EBITDA more than doubled by 142% to DM 23.5 Million

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    Düsselsorf (ots Ad hoc-Service) -         In the first nine months of 2000, the Drillisch Group increased sales revenues from DM 191.9 by 47.7% to DM 283.4 million, its EBITDA result from DM 9.7 by 142.3% to DM 23.5 million and its result from ordinary activities (adjusted for goodwill amortization in the amount of DM 3.0 million) from DM 3.9 by 317.9% to DM 16.3 million.

    Taking into consideration the sale of its fixed-network segment, sales revenues were increased from DM 186.7 by 44.2% to DM 269.3 million, the EBITDA from DM 16.4 by 47.6% to DM 24.2 million and the result from ordinary activity (adjusted for goodwill amortization in the amount of DM 3.0 million) from DM 11.9 by 61.3% to DM 19.2 million.

    In the first nine months were won approximately 198,000 new mobile communications customers. The sales power increased by 83.3% in contrast to the previous year. The subscriber base increased from 275,000 subscriber per 1. January 2000 by 56.4% to approximately to 430,000 subscriber per 30. September 2000. The current subscriber base per 31. October 2000 is higher than 450,000 customers.

    The most significant event in the wireless communication field during the past quarter was the regulatory authorities auctioning of UTMS licenses. The six future UMTS network operators paid a total of DM 100 billion for these licenses. This enormous sum reflects the market players assessment that there is no end in sight for the above-average growth for the mobile communications market. The auctions in other European countries also show that the German network operators will bear a significant long-term burden for the investments they made in their own infrastructure. This is illustrated most clearly by the fact that Vodafone wants to pick up a 25% interest in Swisscom Mobile, making the indirect Swisscom subsidiary Debitel the virtual network operator for Vodafone, so as to increase the level of utilization of the future Vodafone UMTS net. For those stepping into the market this means that there are only very few attractive and promising wireless companies with existing subscriber base.

    Drillisch did not bid for any UMTS licenses in Germany, wanting instead to use its own products to create mobile content platforms to spark strong interest by the UMTS network operators to cooperate with Drillisch. According to various market studies, up to 70% of the income from UMTS subscriber sales will be made up of Content+Solution. Drillisch AG wants to play an impressively large part in this income potential as a network-operator-independent provider of mobile content.

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