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  Freiberg/Saxony (ots Ad hoc-Service) - Voluntary communication in line with @ 15 WpHG (Securities Trading Act) and pursuant to @2, Sect. 2 of the Investors Guidelines of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange

    WindWelt AG shares to be floated at 19.75 Euros / Bonus for SolarWorld shareholders / Volume of issue up to 1.5 million shares / First day of trading in the regulated over-the-counter market to be 20 June 2001

    The shares of WindWelt AG, a SolarWorld AG subsidiary, will be floated on the market at 19.75 Euros per share. The volume issued will amount to up to 1.5 no-par-value shares. 1 million of these shares come from a capital increase of WindWelt AG from 5.0 million Euros to 6.0 million Euros. Up to another 0.5 million shares come from the possession of SolarWorld AG. The term for the acquisition of the WindWelt shares runs from 11 to 25 May 2001.

    SolarWorld AG shareholders will receive a bonus for the acquisition of WindWelt AG stock. They will be able to buy the stock at a preferred price of 18.75 Euros per share. For each two SolarWorld AG shares held one WindWelt AG share can be purchased at the preferred price. The entitlement on the part of SolarWorld AG shareholders to acquire shares at the preferred price will be determined by their portfolio of shares of the company as of the close of trading on 09 May 2001. A legal claim to entitlement does not exist. Trade in subscription rights will not take place.

    The placement of the 1.0 million shares from the capital increase will be coordinated by the WGZ Bank, Westdeutsche Genossenschafts-Zentralbank e.G. After the placement SolarWorld AG will continue to hold a majority share of 58.28 per cent in the capital of WindWelt AG. Currently this share amounts to 79.94 per cent. SolarWorld AG will in the long run remain the majority shareholder of WindWelt AG. After the completion of the placement the capital stock of WindWelt AG will be introduced to stock exchange trading at the regulated over-the- counter market of the Düsseldorf stock exchange. The admission to listing was granted on 27 April 2001. It is expected that the WindWelt AG share will first be quoted on 20 June 2001.

    WindWelt AG will employ the proceeds from the issue based on the companys capital increase for the design, planning, operation and management of wind energy power plants, large photovoltaic installations and other power stations for renewable energies. In addition, the proceeds will be used for the acquisition of shareholdings in companies of renewable energy generation. The proceeds from the shares coming from SolarWorlds own possession will be used to implement the growth strategy of the SolarWorld Group.

    WindWelt AG is involved in the design and planning, the construction and the operation of wind energy and solar energy parks as well as other power stations for New Energy generation. The fact that the power stations for renewable energies remain part of the fixed assets of WindWelt AG distinguishes the company clearly from the publicly quoted wind park planning offices that place shares of wind park funds with limited marketability in the market through a large number of different companies but never build up any power station capacities of their own.

    Until the year 2003 WindWelt AG intends to install a wind energy output of 170 Megawatt (MW) in the Eifel mountains and in Saxony representing a total investment volume of DM 300 million. At the end of the first quarter of 2001 the company had an installed output of 13.4 MW. In early April 2001 WindWelt AG commissioned two additional wind energy power stations at Kerpen-Buir with an installed capacity of 1.0 MW each. The wind energy generators have been supplied by the Fuhrländer AG company, Waigandsheim/Westerwald, a leading manufacturer of tried and tested, robust wind energy systems. The WindWelt AG parent company SolarWorld AG has a 6.25 per cent shareholding in Fuhrländer AG. This shareholding is turning out to be more and more beneficial for both parties. For example, in mid-May WindWelt AG will commission and connect to the national grid four additional Fuhrländer wind power plants of 1.5 MW each at Mechernich. In addition to the link with Fuhrländer WindWelt AG has also entered into cooperation agreements with other well-known manufacturers of wind power plants. By way of pooling agreements with the NEG Micon and Enercon companies WindWelt AG is able to purchase at favorable conditions other high-quality wind power plants that are much in demand.  In the entire year the total WindWelt AG installation volume is designed to increase to 48.2 MW. The accumulated volume of investments in wind power plants in the WindWelt AG portfolio will then amount to some DM 95 million by the end of the year 2001.

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