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    The new law "Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz" valid since april 1st, 2000/ SolarWorld lays the foundation-stone of the first three wind power plants

    The Solar World AG, Bonn, lays the foundations-stone of the first three wind power plants. "Herewith we start our wind business in time with the new law," Dipl-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, chief executive of the SolarWorld AG, comments.

    The new law "Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz"(EEG) is valid since april 1, 2000. With the fed in of wind power the new law guarantees a reimbursement of at least 17,8 Pfennige per Kilowatthour (Kwh) (@7 EEG). "Our three wind power plants will be put into operation in May 2000. In total we intend to launch a wind power capacity of 15 Megawatt during this year. The so-produced power will be fed into the local electric circuit," mentions Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck. The three wind generators of the SolarWorld AG will have a capacity of 600 Kilowatt each. The genertors are produced by the Enercon GmbH, Aurich, one of the leading wind power plants producers in Gemany. Each wind power plant is going to produce about 900.000 kWh of electric power per year. The installations will take place in Heimbach- Vlatten, Hocheifel. " The Eifel is considered to have the best inland wind conditions in Germany and still have a lot of free areas left", the chief executive comments. " Our plan is to build there a wind power capacity of 100 megawatt in the coming years." The wind power business is one component of the SolarWorld, which works mainly in the photovoltaic business of solar power. "Wind power plants can be combined with solar power plants in an excellent way. Such hybrid plants are interesting especially for export in the southern member countries of the EU as well as other sun-rich regions of the world", comments Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck. "The enlargement of wind capacities is part of our global expansive strategy." Within the business line of photovoltaic, the SolarWorld AG is active within the trade of photovoltaic cells, modules and other technical components as well as in the construction of complete photovoltaic power stations. Following the global strategy to operate as an integrative company for regenerative energies, strategic acquisitions (GPV, Fuhrländer) are executed in the past. Additionally, during the last week, the SolarWorld announces the cooperation with the US-american producer of photovoltaic, Astropower Inc., Newark/Delaware,. The Asbeck Immobilien- und Kraftwerksgesellschaft mbH, a 80% subsidiary of the SolarWorld AG, is active in the planning, projection and construction of wind power plants. Gällivare PhotoVoltaic (GPV), a 70% subsidiary of the SolarWorld AG, which is located in Sweden, is producing high performing, low- cost photovoltaic modules.

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