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28.02.2000 – 10:34

SolarWorld AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: SolarWorld AG New law EEG

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    Bonn (ots Ad hoc-Service) -  Ad hoc-Service of the SolarWorld AG (WKN 510 840)

    Voluntary report analogous to section 15 German Securities Trading Act (WpHG) in accordance with the investor guidelines of the Düsseldorfer stock exchange

    The SolarWorld AG welcomes the decision of the German parliament to reimburse current generated from regenerative energies/ 5 Megawatt photovoltaic power stations for the sun fund/ Contracts with the Norwegian manufacturer of silicium wafers , ScanWafer, and the French manufacturer of solar cells, Photowatt.

    SolarWorld AG, Bonn welcomes the new law for promoting regenerative energies, which was concluded on last Friday. "By the decision of the German parliament, named the Bundestag, the market penetration of regenerative energies, especially of sun and wind power, will take its forecasted fast development", Frank H. Asbeck, the chief executive of the SolarWorld AG comments the new law. "On the basis of the new law, the SolarWorld business of solar and wind power will show high growth rates within the coming years", the chief executive adds. The new law, named "Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz" is based on a reimbursement for current generated from photovoltaic plants, which amounts to 0,99 DM/ kWh. The law is valid for plants constructed on roofs with a capacity up to 5 megawatt (MW) and constructed on free areas with a capacity up to 100 kilowatt (kW). "Within our sun fund, we will construct photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 5 MW." Frank H. Asbeck adds. "With the new law, investors of the fund will now have the legal basis. The SolarWorld AG will now start with the realization of the first projects. Up to now, we already acquired a lot of interesting locations in sun-rich regions. For the construction of photovoltaic plants on roofs, we are still in discussion with some German large companies". Additionally, the SolarWorld AG will create an interactive roof exchange. Herein, persons or institutions offering free roofs for constructing photovoltaic power plants can contact investors, who are looking for such areas. The SolarWorld AG welcomes the decision of the parliament to limit the promotion of photovoltaic power plants, constructed in the free landscape, on a maximal capacity of 100KW. "By this decision, the reduction in natural resources of free landscapes will be minimized. Although there is the possibility to construct mid- sized plants on soiled industrial fallow land and waste disposals. Additionally, photovoltaic plants can be combined with wind power plants."

    Within the growing market, the SolarWorld AG will further expand its business line of photovoltaic. The SolarWorld AG has made contracts with the manufacturer of wafers, ScanWafer AF, Glomfjord/Norway and the manufacturer of cells, Photowatt SA, Lyon. "By this step, the SolarWorld AG will increase its independence on the worldwide market for silicium and cells." Frank H. Asbeck comments this actual development. ScanWafer, Norway is producing the wafers in a very environmental way. The energy, which is necessary for the production, is generated from water power. With these wafers, Photowatt, Lyon is producing cells exclusively for GPV, Sweden, a subsidiary of the SolarWorld AG. GPV is producing on the basis of these cells the photovoltaic modules. "As a result of these delivery contracts, the SolarWorld AG will integrate the complete supply chain within the company, beginning from the raw material to the final product, which is the sun fund." the chief executive comments the ongoing integration. Within its main business line photovoltaic, the SolarWorld AG is trading with photovoltaic cells, modules and other photovoltaic components and is constructing complete solar power stations. The Asbeck Immobilien- und Kraftwerksgesellschaft mbH, a 80% subsidiary of the SolarWorld AG, is specialized in projecting and constructing wind power stations. The 70% subsidiary Gällivare PhotoVoltaic (GPV), Sweden, is producing in a cost saving way high capicity photovoltaic modules. Contact: SolarWorld AG Aktionärsbetreuung / Marketing Communications, Mrs. Sybille Teyke, phone.: ++49-228 559200; fax: ++49- 228 55920-99, e-mail: placement@solarworld.de Internet: www.solarworld.de SolarWorld-WKN 510840 (SWV)

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