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    SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Expands into Additional Attractive Market

    New MODULUS Coating System for Rewritable CD and DVD Introduced!

    At the opening of its new corporate headquarters in Kahl/Main, heavily attended by industry experts, SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG unveiled the new MODULUS coating system which has been in development for a number of years.

    The new multi-cathode metallizer (metallizing = application of thin layers in a vacuum chamber) was developed for the production of CD-RW (CD-RW = re-recordable CDs) and especially for the new rewritable DVDs (DVD-RW = rewritable DVD for video and DVD-RAM = rewritable DVD for computer applications).

    Rewritable CDs and DVDs operate based on the so-called phase change principle (i.e., the portions of the disc recorded by a laser alternate between an amorphous and a crystalline state) and their composition is considerably more complex. They consist of systems with up to 8 individual layers.

    The new MODULUS metallizer has a modular configuration and, depending on application and throughput, may contain up to 14 separate process stations. A typical system for today's CD-RW market with its current worldwide annual volume of approx. 500 million discs could consist of 8 process stations.

    Far more interesting, however, is the future market in which rewritable DVDs will be utilized for video and consumer PC applications. The first PIONEER DVD recorder introduced in Japan is currently priced at approx. 5,000 DM, but market expectations are for a sharp decline in pricing to approx. 1,000 DM due to increased consumption in 2001 and 2002.

    All projections are based on the premise that the video cassette and the VCR will then be rapidly replaced by rewritable DVD with its superior digital quality. Therefore, as in the video cassette market, a market volume ranging in the billions of units is also expected for rewritable DVD.

    This presents SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES with interesting prospects for future growth. Potential annual sales of 15 million DM are expected initially which should quickly rise to more than 90 million DM.

    New Address: SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES AG Hanauer Landstrasse 103, D- 63796 Kahl /Main Tel.: 06188-440-292, Fax: 06188-440-110 PI127d-.07.2000

    To obtain further information, please contact: Bernhard Krause, PR and Communications, Phone: ++49-6181-990244, Fax ++49-6181-990243, e-mail:

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