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31.10.2000 – 08:29

Deutsche Telekom AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: Deutsche Telekom AG Preliminary key figures for the first three quarters of 2000 (January 1, 2000 to September 30, 2000)

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    Bonn (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      Ad hoc notification by Deutsche
Telekom AG in accordance with Section 15 of the Security Trading Act

    Deutsche Telekom Group

    Preliminary key figures for the first three quarters of 2000 (January 1, 2000 to September 30, 2000)

    - Group revenue increased by 14.5 % to EUR 29.3 billion

    - Net income increased to EUR 8.4 billion as a result of special influences, more than 6 times higher than  the first nine months of 1999

    - Number of mobile communications subscribers more than doubled compared to first three quarters of 1999

    - Telekom shareholders receive approximately 10 million loyalty shares

    Deutsche Telekom AG announces a preliminary indication of the corporate group's results for the first three quarters of 2000.

    Deutsche Telekom emphasizes that these results are only initial results on the basis of current information. Deviations may arise between these figures and the final figures, which are to be published on November 30, 2000.

    Revenue and net income from January 1 to September 30, 2000

Billions of EUR 1st nine months 1st nine month        Change
                                      2000          1999
Revenue                          29.3          25.6                  14.5 %
Net income                        8.4            1.3                    546 %

    The revenue of the Deutsche Telekom Group increased in the first nine months of 2000 by EUR 3.7 billion over the same period in 1999 to EUR 29.3 billion. Of this increase, approximately EUR 2.3 billion was mainly attributable to the companies One 2 One, Club Internet and SIRIS which, compared to the same period last year, were consolidated for the first time in the period under review. The revenue increase excluding newly consolidated companies totaled EUR 27.0 billion, approximately 5.5 % higher than in the first nine months of 1999.

    Net income in accordance with German GAAP (HGB) amounted to EUR 8.4 billion, 546% higher than the same period last year. This increase was influenced by a range of factors, primarily by the tax-free sale of the stake in Global One (EUR 2.9 billion) in the first quarter, the income related effects of the T-Online initial public offering (EUR 2.7 billion) in the second quarter, as well as the tax-free sale of the stake in the Italian company Wind (EUR 2.3 billion) and the proceeds from the sale of stakes in the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Hesse regional cable companies (55 % and 65 % respectively)amounting to EUR 2.96 billion before taxes in the third quarter.

    The special influences before taxes which had a negative effect on results include in particular the special depreciations and losses from the disposal of non-current assets, as well as additional accruals totaling approximately EUR 1.8 billion, of which EUR 0.6 billion relate to the third quarter. The companies consolidated for the first time had a negative effect amounting to EUR 1.4 billion on the results for the first nine months, which include in particular the amortization of goodwill. Pressure was also put on net income by the amortization of UMTS expenditure and continued growth in the number of mobile communications subscribers and the resulting high subscriber acquisition costs. More information relating to the special influences will be published in the detailed third quarter report.

  Personnel (end of period)

Sept. 30,          June 30,  Sept. 30,  Q3 2000      Q3 2000/
2000                  2000         1999                            Q3 1999

DTAG personnel  
129,151              133,128    142,567      -3,977        - 13,416

207,440              195,648    193,076      11,792          14,364

    The increase in the number of personnel is predominantly attributable to the changes in the composition of the Deutsche Telekom Group, in particular to the approximately 13,400 employees at Slovenske Telekomunikacie in the third quarter. The reduction of the personnel level at Deutsche Telekom AG continued in the third quarter, as the number decreased by approximately 4,000.

    Financial Liabilities

of EUR  Sept. 30,  June 30,      Sept. 30,  Q3 2000         Q3 2000/
            2000         2000            1999                                Q3 1999

Group    62.1         49.9            38.5          12.2              23.6

    Gross financial liabilities increased by EUR 12.2 billion to EUR 62.1 billion at the end of September 2000, compared with EUR 49.9 billion at June 30, 2000. The cash outflow in the third quarter was mainly attributable to the payment for the UMTS license in Germany (EUR 8.5 billion), the initial investment in VoiceStream (EUR 5.6 billion), the increase in the stake in MATAV (EUR 2.3 billion), the acquisition of Slovenske Telekomunikacie (EUR 1.0 billion) and the UMTS license in the Netherlands (EUR 0.4 billion). These effects were partically offset by cash inflows from the sale of stakes in the cable regions NRW and Hesse and by a reduction in cash and cash equivalents of EUR 2.4 billion. Cash and cash equivalents totaled EUR 5.4 billion at September 30, 2000. Net financial liabilities, including short term investments and marketable securities, where at EUR 56.7 billion at the end of the third quarter.

    Customer trends for selected services
Sept. 30,    Dec. 31,        Sept. 30,  Q1-Q3 2000/  Q1 - Q3 2000/
2000            1999              1999          1999            Q1 - Q3 1999
million        million         million        in %                in %
mobile subscribers
(excl. C-Tel)          
26.5        15.7                13.1              69                 102
of which: T-D1        
16.1         9.1                 7.7              77                 109
of which: One2One    
7.1         4.2                 3.3              69                 115
of which: max.mobil
1.9         1.5                 1.3              27                  46
of which: Westel*    
1.4         0.9                 0.8              56                  75

T-Online subscribers**
7.0      4.2                 3.6              67                  94

Telephone lines        
48.9        47.8                47.4                2                    3
of which: ISDN                        
16.2        13.3                12.4              22                  31
Residential customers ***
7.6          6.0                 5.4              27                  41
Business customers ***
8.6          7.3                 7.0              18                  23

    * held directly and indirectly by MATAV ** including 480,000 subscribers *** In 2000, small and medium-sized enterprises were reclassified under business customers

    The mobile communications companies in which Deutsche Telekom holds a majority stake recorded total net subscriber growth of almost 11 million new subscribers in the first nine months of 2000. In Germany alone, the number of T-D1 subscribers increased by 7 million. As such, the number of subscribers served by T-Mobil as at September 30, 2000 more than doubled compared with the same period last year. Overall, Deutsche Telekom's mobile communications companies gained more than 1 million subscribers per month. Approximately 39 % of the mobile communications subscribers are outside Germany.

    With 7.0 million subscribers T-Online extended its European market leadership further. T-Online has thus almost doubled its number of subscribers within the space of one year. Even excluding the 1 million subscribers of Club Internet in France and in Spain, the number of T-Online subscribers in Germany increased by 2.4 million within one year.

    Almost a third of all telephone lines are now ISDN lines, the number of which continues to grow at over 30 % per annum. With 16.2 million ISDN channels and the new T-DSL lines, which are scheduled to cover 60 % of Germany by the end of 2000 and 90 % by the end of 2001, Deutsche Telekom is the leading provider of digital lines with top transmission rates. With the expiry of the holding period on August 31,2000 for loyalty shares out of the capital increase in June 1999 ("DT2"), retail shareholders have received approximately 10 million loyalty shares at a current value of over EUR 400 million.

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