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ots Ad hoc-Service: CeoTronics AG Preliminary Quarterly Results after 9 Months
Forecast Revaluation to the End of the Business Year as of 31. May 2001
Strategy Change

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    Rödermark (ots Ad hoc-Service) - The sales of the third quarter (as of February 28, 2001) of CeoTronics AG, which is listed on Frankfurts Neuer Markt (WKN 540 740), will prospectively amount to 3.9 Mio. Euro. CeoTronics is able to increase its sales by approx. 6 per cent compared to the previous quarter. The sales rose presumably by 14.9 per cent in comparison of last years 9-months-period and the consolidated sales (according to US-GAAP) presumably amount to approx. 9.7 Mio. Euro.

    The order backlog as of February 28, 2001 rose by 16.5 per cent compared to the same period last year.

    The number of the employees in the Group as of February 28, 2001 increased by 19.2 per cent to 149 compared to last year (125).

    Probably, the loss in Group will be approx. 1.33 Mio. Euro after 9 months as per February 28, 2001.

    The complete report of the 9-months-report will be available as from April 20, 2001 on our homepage

    To the end of the business year 00/01 (as of May 31, 2001) the Board of Management revaluates the forecasts for the CeoTronics-Group: The sales are predicted to amount to approx. 13.3 Mio. Euro and the loss is estimate to amount to 1.8 Mio. Euro (compared to 0.29 Mio. Euro profit).

    For the business year 01/02 and 02/03 the forecasts are revaluated: The Board of Management is assuming that the sales will amount to approx. 15 Mio. Euro and the earnings per share amount to 0.04 Euro. For 02/03 sales are predicted to amount to approx. 17 Mio. Euro and earnings per share are predicted to amount to 0.67 Euro.

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    Reasons for not reaching the sales goals as of February 28, 2001 are among other things the postponed bulk orders from airlines, the postponed series production on the part of the customers of communication systems for fast-food-chains and the delay in delivery of the phone headsets. As a result of the before mentioned the missing contribution margin, higher expenses for components, margin loss by bulk orders, building up production capacity under difficult circumstances, single effects because of valuation adjustment in the USA, higher marketing expenses for the introduction of new products and the increase in F&E investments are responsible for the losses as of February 28, 2001

    Even if the bulk orders, which are recently in prospect, could be placed within a short-term, they cannot be invoiced by May 31, 2001. Initiated reorganisation measures are not significant in the next 2 months until May 31, 2001. Due to the new expectance, the Board of Management revaluated the forecasts as of May, 31, 2001, explained the Chairman Hans-Dieter Günther.

    Based on the changed forecasts of important customers (e.g. airlines, cell phone industry), budget shortage of the authorities and the notes of international competitors, CeoTronics slowed down its growth. For the next business years, the Board of Management assumes a growth of 14 and 12 per cent. Should the always announced bulk orders be placed, a positive revaluation will follow.

    The Board of Management has temporary stretched the plans for the external growth within the scope of strategy change and restructures plans regarding investments. CeoTronics has the goal to find back to its old strength in profit so that the distribution of dividends are able.

    The Vice-President Finance, Bernd Weinel, expects based on the current share price of CeoTronics shares that the bad news of the telecommunication industry is considered. Others explanation cannot be thought for the decrease from 22.- Euro to 12.30 Euro. CeoTronics follows suit.

    Further information: CeoTronics AG Audio Video Data Communication Hans-Dieter Günther Adam-Opel-Straße 6, 63322 Rödermark, Germany Phone: +49(0)6074/8751-722, Fax: +49(0)6074/8751-720, E-Mail:, Internet:

    WKN: 540740; Index: Listed: Neuer Markt Frankfurt Freiverkehr in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, München und Stuttgart

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