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13.09.2000 – 08:38

CeoTronics AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: CeoTronics AG CeoTronics acquires DTC Communication, Inc.'s Audio Accessories business in the US

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    CeoTronics has acquired the entire Audio Accessories division of DTC Communication, Inc. (Nashua, New Hampshire, USA). The sale was made to CeoTronics, Inc. in Chesapeake, Virginia, which will also hire on some of DTC's employees.

    DTC is a manufacturer of audio and video communications equipment with a strong reputation worldwide which will increasingly concentrate on expanding its video and radio frequency surveillance activities in the future. Approximately 50% of DTC's sales are generated in the US. After concentrating on organic growth, CeoTronics will now focus on increasing market share through acquisitions.

    The two companies have agreed not to disclose DTC's sales figures or the selling price. Neuer Markt-listed CeoTronics AG (WKN 540 740) will continue to consistently pursue its growth strategy.

    Further information:     CeoTronics AG Audio Video Data Communication     Investor Relations Adam-Opel-Str. 6     63322 Rödermark Germany

    Tel: +49-(0)6074-8751-724 Fax: +49-(0)6074-8751-725 E-mail: bernd.weinel@ceotronics.com Internet: http://www.ceotronics.com

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