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    Wiesbaden (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      

    - Earnings forecast up by 130%     - Sales growth of 70%

    The encouraging results of the first six months of 2000 and the acquisition of IBL GmbH and DOM GmbH have led plenum AG, Wiesbaden, to substantially increase its target figures for the 2000 fiscal year. plenum now expects to generate EBITDA of EUR 3.2 million with consolidated sales of EUR 43.3 million. The additional acquisitions which plenum intends to make this fiscal year in Germany and abroad are not included in the revised forecasts.

    The sales target of EUR 43.3 million is nearly 70% over the previous year's figure (EUR 25.7 million). Originally plenum expected sales growth of just 40% to EUR 36.8 million. The adjustment to the forecast is primarily the result of the acquisition of IBL GmbH, which leads to a growth rate in the plenum Systeme unit of 160% this year. plenum Systeme is thus the key sales driver of the plenum Group. The plenum New Media business unit was able to increase its sales target by 40% over the original forecast due to the acquisition of DOM GmbH.

    The EBITDA forecast is raised by 130%, from EUR 1.4 million to EUR 3.2 million. The adjustment to the forecast is partially the result of a positive contribution to earnings by the acquired companies amounting to EUR 0.7 million. It is, however, primarily due to the excellent internal development of the plenum business units, which will generate EBITDA exceeding the original targets by EUR 1.1 million.

    The half-yearly report of plenum AG is available on plenum's Website

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