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    Voluntary notification analogous to Section 15 of the German Securities Trading Act as per self-obligation in the Prädikatsmarkt stock exchange section     I.C.A. acquires 21,42% Interest In Micro Venture that has a stake in 8 companies in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. Up to 3 Investments from MicroVenture's portfolio plan an IPO in 2001.

    Capital Increase from authorized capital 11/1999 will be delayed to 2001.

       U.C.A. Aktiengesellschaft has acquired a 21,42% interest in MicroVenture GmbH & Co. KGaA Betelllgungsgesellschaft, Köln. MicroVenture's investment strategy focuses on the micro- and nanotechnology. So far, MicroVenture has stakes in eight well-positioned companies, up to 3 plan an IPO in 2001. Because of the high level of technical expertise and engagement MicroVenture is not only an ideal partner for companies in the field of micro- and nanotechnology, but also extends the network of U.C.A. consequently. The strategic investments (BioMed Venture, MicroVenture etc.) give U.C.A. the opportunity to invest in future technologies based on the excellent expertise of the management and allows to give profound knowledge and advice to its in- vestments.

    U.C.A. has taken part in a capital increase of MicroVenture. This additional capital will completely be used to extend MicroVenture's portfolio.

    The portfolio in detail:

    NanoFocus Messtechnik GmbH is the first company with the ability to measure structures with a size of less than twenty nanometer using optical techniques (dissolution is evidently under the used length of light waves). The developed technology allows for the first time the exact 3D-characteri- zation of complex surfaces in the field of micro- and nanotechnology. U.C.A. holds a 26% interest since November 2000.

    PV Silicon GmbH has invented a new technology to produce slices of silicon, which can be used for solar cells, by treating off-spec silicon materials in a physical and chemical way.

    Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH produces high-precision microstructures in different materials like synthetic materials, metal or ceramic using an unique excimer- laser-technology. Additionally, Bartels Mikrotechnik developed micro grippers to handle smallest objects and structures.

    The unique and patented technology for the production of optical fibres enables FiberCore Inc., MA, to produce single mode- and multi mode-fibres with a cost reduction of 50% in comparison to its competitors. FiberCore Inc. is listed at the Nasdaq since November 16th, 2000.

    BAE Berliner Batteriefabrik develops, produces and distributes batteries for a wide range of applications such as telecommunication equipment, traffic control, railway, industry and leisure-time use.

    MODAC GmbH invented a new technique to form gel-filled batteries for specific applications. These special formed batteries show better characteristics and the production of these is by far less cost intensive.

    Fries Research & Technology GmbH develops, produces and distributes devices for the metrological analysis of surfaces. The devices can be used for a wide range of applications in the micro system technology.

    Surface Imaging Systems (S.I.S.) GmbH developed a scanning probe microscopy combined with optical microscopes. In a first step the sample is characterized by a traditional optical lens. In a second step, if further characterization is required, the S.I.S.-system is able to enlarge the given results of the optical lens by a factor of 500.000 and evaluates the data automatically.

    The capital increase from authorized capital 11/1999 could not be placed, because of the weak stock market conditions since spring 2000. Because of the actual undervaluation of U.C.A.-shares the issue of new shares does not seem to be sensible. The managing board is optimistic to place the capital increase in 2001 in better market conditions. Even without the inflow of the capital increase the investment power of U.C.A. is given.


    Investor Relations Tel. : + 49 (0) 89 - 99 31 94-36 E-mail: schirok@uca.de

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