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More efficient tube bending (Lang Tube Tec Press Release)

More efficient tube bending (Lang Tube Tec Press Release)

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Lang Tube Tec exhibits numerous tubebending samples at 'Tube 2018', as well as time-saving and cost-saving new features of its tube-bending machines - Hall 5, Stand E22

More efficient tube bending

Lang Tube Tec exhibits numerous tubebending samples at 'Tube 2018', as well as time-saving and cost-saving new features of its tube-bending machines - Hall 5, Stand E22


After its initial unveiling as a fully electric tubebending machine at Tube 2016, Lang Tube Tec has added valuable new features to the 160CNC-EMR: These features accelerate and optimise production, making the process more efficient. One new innovation is the system for quickly changing tools, for example. The machine is the world's first fully electric tubebending machine to be capable of bending tube diameters of up to 165 millimetres on three levels with a bending radius of 1*D. Visitors to Hall 5, Stand E22 can see a number of tube samples of bent parts illustrating the new functionality.

The tube-bending machine 160CNC-EMR, which features 13 axes, has been specially developed for machining particularly complex bent parts with different radii and short clamp lengths. The machine is ideal for exhaust pipes, axle parts and frame parts. It is used in automotive production - in particular utility vehicles - but also in aviation and shipyards.

The innovative quick-change tooling system from Lang Tube Tec - which drives innovation for complex bending tasks in manufacturing processes - simplifies the operation of all tubebending machines. It can be retrofitted on most machines in the SMALL to STRONG model series and features swivelling tie rods, a pneumatic clamping system for fixing the bending die withat the touch of a button, mountable slide rails and clamping jaws, as well as a quick-change system for mandrels. The new collet - which is electrically activated by means of two spindles, thus covering a specific diameter range - also saves time and money. This further optimises tool-change processes.

In addition to the features producing time optimisations, the integration of cutting systems in the bending tools optimises material waste, thus providing considerable cost savings.

Two different cutting systems are available, depending on requirements. One system has two cutting blades for separating tubes with a thick wall, with a scoring blade being used to score the tube and a chopper blade then being used to separate the tube, guaranteeing an optimum cut which allows subsequent processing to be carried out without additional reworking. For tubes with thins walls, this separating cut is performed using just one - electrically powered - knife. Both systems are capable of bending and separating the tube in a single production step.

Further optimisations have also been implemented in the machine control system. The add-on module CMM Simulate allows a finished CNC program to be sent directly from the office to the bending machine. Other new functions of the Bend Motion Control machine control system from Lang Tube Tec include automatic cycle time optimisation, an automatic set-up cycle and the control of access authorisation for operators, fitters and maintenance personnel via RFID chip.

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