Natalia Vodianova and Etam: An International Love Story

Paris (ots/PRNewswire) - The Etam muse, designer of two lingerie collections a year and Russian top model, Natalia Vodianova, is continuing her collaboration with the French brand. Seduction, joy, generosity, fashion and pleasure are the true common values that unite Etam and Natalia Vodianova.

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With a powerful, high-growth international network, Etam has conquered the hearts of women all over the world. The brand has become a part of their daily lives, a friend to each of them.

Etam Lingerie combines natural seductiveness with contemporary fashion, in a sensual, shimmering collection. For the Autumn-Winter 2010 season, all of Natalia's sensuality is expressed through the retro style designs. Welcome to high-waist briefs, bodies, and bandeau or triangle bras! Details are ever-present, with the emphasis on delicate lace and satin and checked prints in all kinds of styles (Vichy, Prince of Wales, houndstooth etc.).

At Etam Pret-a-Porter, we have fun with fashion. The trends are easy to wear, the style is very feminine, with an inimitable hint of sophistication, and the basics are always just right. Capes, bomber jackets, Jacquard knit, fur, checks... Natalia Vodianova wears the must-have autumn pieces in camel and red, the two key colours of the season.

An essential 2010-2011 wardrobe for all women who love fashion!

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Phone: +33(0)1-42-21-07-04; United Kingdom: OPEN 2
EUROPE,,Tel : +33(0)1-55-02-14-67; Belgium:
OONA, /,Phone: +32(0)3-213-99-90 /
+32(0)3-213-99-96, Spain: NOTA BENE, /, Phone: +34-91-308-16-04;Italy: DONATELLA ZINI &
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