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Seiko Instruments launches new High Quality Lithium Ion Battery Modules

Neu-Isenburg (ots) - Seiko Instruments (SII) has a rich and well-established history in battery business and is a pioneer in developing protection IC's for Lithium Ion batteries since 1995.

The new SII Compact Lithium Ion Battery Modules are perfectly matched with the most suitable SII protection IC and other Japanese high quality components.

Both, its compact outline and the integrated battery protection, simplify the design and reduce the production cost of lithium-ion powered devices, keeping its operation always safe and durable.

SII Compact Lithium Ion Battery Modules can be offered in very thin (2.2mm) and small (9.5 x 28.0mm) rectangular form factors with various options such as built in thermistors, customized cable lengths and various connectors.

SII Compact Lithium Ion Battery Modules are available in volume quantities from 43mAh to 340mAh capacity. Samples may be obtained from Seiko Instruments GmbH or their local representatives.

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Seiko Instruments is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic components and high quality batteries. Since 1983, the company has supplied high-tech products to market-leading customers in the fields of telecommunication, point of sales and industrial applications, across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on our high level of performance.


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