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Lear Corporation Introduces Intertronics(TM), Innovative Products Integrating Electronics, Interior Systems

    Dearborn, Michigan (ots-PRNewswire) - Lear Corporation (NYSE: LEA) today, on the occasion of its grand opening of the Lear Electronics and Electrical Division (LEED) Product Development Center, introduced a number of innovative electronic products based on Intertronics(TM) -- Lear's unique capability to integrate electronic products with vehicle interior systems.

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    "We are advancing relentlessly in showcasing Intertronics to our customers -- the world's automakers -- so we can demonstrate the many benefits of Lear's proprietary technology that completely integrates electronic products and electrical distribution systems into vehicle interiors," said LEED President D. William Pumphrey. "Intertronics taps into the wealth of innovation at LEED, and throughout Lear's worldwide technical community. It has inspired these innovators who have embraced the challenge to think 'outside the box' in creating new Intertronics products and moving interior integration to the next level."

    LEED unveiled an impressive range of Intertronics products for the global automotive market, incorporating LEED products and technologies such as smart junction boxes, advanced electronic products and mechatronic switches, as well as remote keyless entry systems and full electronic and electrical distribution systems.

    LEED's Intertronics products and technologies are grouped into three categories: Interior Control Systems, Wireless Systems, and Electronic and Electrical Distribution Systems.

    Interior Control Systems

    Instrument Panel Center Console Control - This feature provides a thin- profile control panel for the entertainment system, accessory switch functions, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. By locating the bulk of the electronic modules elsewhere, a large, tip-out storage bin is created behind the control panel. Benefits: additional secured storage is provided that is easily accessible to the driver or passenger.

    Multifunction Turn Signal Control - This integrated, mechatronic control mounted on the steering column was created through a collaboration between LEED and Panasonic, specifically the Electromechanical Components Division of Matsushita Electronic Components Co., Ltd. of Osaka, Japan. This multifunction column control consolidates various combinations of hazard lights, headlamps, parking lamp, fog lamps, wiper and washer for front and rear windows, cruise control, high/low headlamp beams and turn signal functions of the control, as well as the clockspring or rotary connector and the electronic control modules into one package. Benefits: reduces system cost by reducing number of wires, reduces assembly time and cost, increases logic inputs and interface with other systems, allows added functions without major system or cost impact and illuminated control improves nighttime visibility of the control.

    Integrated Seat Adjuster Module (ISAM) - This mechatronic product combines the consumer interface control and the multiplexed electronic control for seat adjustment, power lumbar support, memory function and heated seat into one package. Benefits: combines several functions into one product to save space and cost, design flexibility to include additional features and styles, and reduces time and complexity of assembly into the seat.

    Integrated Door Controls - This family of mechatronic products consolidates the controls for window lift, door lock, power mirror, heated seat and electronic control modules into a single, integrated package that operates either direct or via multiplexing to interface with vehicle systems outside the doors. Benefits: lower system cost by reducing wires and assembly of different controls and modular design allows adaptability to vehicle requirements with minimal changes.

    Integrated Door and Seat Control Flip Panel System - This mechatronic door and seat control unit performs all power door and power seat functions from two stacked panels; the hinged upper panel operates frequently used window and door controls, while less frequently used seat controls are mounted on the hidden lower panel. Benefits: lower system cost by reducing wires and assembly of different components, multiple functions packaged into a small space in the vehicle and placement of all controls are ergonomically accessible locations.

    Wireless Systems

    Dual Range/Dual Function Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System - This feature allows a single RKE transmitter button to perform multiple functions depending upon the operator's distance from the vehicle. For example, if the operator is farther away from the vehicle than a specified distance, the unlock button would perform a car locator function (flash lights or sound horn) rather than unlock the door; the door unlock and trunk release functions would operate only if the operator is near to the vehicle. Benefits: provides additional features/functions with minimal increase in system cost, prevents inadvertent function activation, and Super-heterodyne RKE Receiver provides excellent range and resistance to jamming, as well as greater package flexibility.

    Remote Keyless Entry and Immobilizer Module - This patented device combines the features of a remote keyless entry receiver and the immobilizer key reader into a single module. It reads and determines the validity of the ignition key as well as performing traditional RKE features of unlock, lock, trunk and panic. Benefits: using a single microprocessor reduces system cost and provides excellent range and resistance to jamming.

    Custom Key Fobs - This new generation of remote keyless entry key fob designs uses decorative molding technology to offer a wide variety of options in fob design patterns or colors including textures, logos, text, and translucent and glow-in-the-dark colors. Benefits: unique styling available without changing mold or injection material, brings proven styling success found in cell phones and pagers to key fobs, and technology is adaptable to existing molds with little change.

    Passive Entry System - This system allows the vehicle operator to unlock the door without using a key or physically activating the RKE fob. The passive entry technology is imbedded in the fob so that a separate device is not required. Benefits: super-heterodyne RKE Receiver provides for excellent range and resistance to jamming, high security is achieved through challenge/response communication, operator is not required to use a key or activate the RKE fob to unlock doors or trunk, and backup system is provided in case of a discharged fob battery.

    Electronic and Electrical Distribution Systems

    Dual Voltage Advanced Smart Junction Box - This centralized unit integrates solid state circuit protection, power switching elements, power and signal distribution management, vehicle body electronics functions (flasher, wiper, central lock, alarm) for both 42-volt DC and 14-volt DC networks, and DC/DC conversion -- the new dual voltage network feature. Benefits: reduces assembly time, offers design flexibility for system changes/upgrades, and optimizes size, weight and cost.

    Lear Corporation, a Fortune 150 company headquartered in Southfield, Mich., (USA), is the one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, with record 1999 sales of $12.4 billion. The company's world-class products are designed, engineered and manufactured by more than 120,000 employees in over 300 facilities located in 33 countries. Information about Lear and its products is available on the Internet at www.lear.com .

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