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Bristol-Myers Squibb Announces Major Sponsorship Of The U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team At The Tour De France

      Brussels, Belgium (ots) - Bristol-Myers Squibb Will
Sponsor Cancer Survivors To Attend the Tour de France To Raise
World-wide Awareness of Cancer.

    Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE: BMY) is proud to announce that it will be a major sponsor of the U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team at this year's Tour de France.  Lance Armstrong, a member of the U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team and defending Tour de France Champion, is a cancer survivor.  His cancer was treated successfully with three Bristol-Myers Squibb drugs, and he has been cancer free for nearly four years.

      "Lance Armstrong is an excellent example of our mission - to
extend and enhance the lives of people with cancer," said Lamberto
Andreotti, vice president and general manager, Italy CEEI & European
Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb, S.P.A.  "We hope our involvement with
Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France will help educate people all
over Europe about cancer."

      Therefore, as part of its efforts, Bristol-Myers Squibb will
sponsor a number of cancer survivors from around the world to attend
the Tour de France. "It is our hope that these survivors can help
Lance deliver the message that as a team we can successfully fight
cancer.  With the right team of doctors and the best treatments, you
can beat cancer and live a better life," said Rick Winningham,
president, Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology/Immunology

      Call to Action

      "As a cancer survivor and now as a celebrity, I have a unique
opportunity to reach millions with a simple message: I am a living
example that cancer is not a death sentence," said Lance Armstrong.
"In much the same way that I will continue to fight to be the best
cyclist in the world, I will also fight to win the race against
cancer.  I hope everyone will join my team to win that critical

      In one cancer education initiative, Lance plans to encourage
people around the world to help fight cancer by signing the Charter
of Paris Against Cancer. "The Charter of Paris Against Cancer is the
first global call to action against cancer in the new millennium," he

      Each article of the Charter focuses on a particular element of
cancer prevention, treatment or care including protecting patient
rights, increasing the commitment to basic and clinical research,
improving access to clinical trials, prevention and screening
initiatives and addressing quality of life issues of patients.

      Lance, cancer survivors and members of the U.S. Postal Service
cycling team will sign the Charter in France during the Tour.  They
will encourage people to visit and sign
the online version of the Charter to signify their support of these
charters' principles.

      Lance Armstrong: Removing the Cycle of Fear

      In his ongoing efforts to help support activities of the
worldwide cancer community, Lance Armstrong partnered with his own
Foundation (the Lance Armstrong Foundation) and Bristol-Myers Squibb
to launch the Cycle of Hope campaign earlier this year.

      The Cycle of Hope is an educational campaign designed to support
early detection; reduce fear associated with cancer; encourage a team
approach to treatment, including a medical oncologist; and foster
hope in patients and their families fighting the disease.  

      The Cycle of Hope is a major initiative to support all people
affected by cancer.  Most importantly the program provides support
for those individuals that belong to the growing ranks of cancer

      Lance Armstrong - diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996 -
considers himself a cancer survivor first and cyclist second.  He
wants to share his experience with cancer in order to help people
learn from his mistakes. "I ignored my symptoms and it was almost too
late," he said. "I am dedicated to the Cycle of Hope because I want
others to break out of their cycle of misunderstanding and fear about
cancer.  This is particularly important in Europe where there still
is a high level of stigma attached to the disease."

      For more information about the Cycle of Hope, please visit

      Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is a $20 billion diversified global
health and personal care Company whose mission is to extend and
enhance human life. The company is the global leader in the fight
against cancer, with a 40-year history of research and development in
the field of oncology.

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