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ots Ad hoc-Service: AG AG clearly exceeds goals in first half of 2000

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    Hamburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      

    * 17.4 million marks turnover     * Revenues from advertising and e-commerce almost doubled     * 1.275 million active users  rose by 23% compared to Q1/2000     * 1.9 billion online minutes  rose by 30% compared to Q1/2000     * -6.0 million DM result from ordinary activities before taxes (IAS) AG increased corporate turnover in the first half of 2000, clearly exceeding the company's goals. The Hamburg online service was able to achieve the extremely positive turnover plus in particular due to a significant increase in the business divisions of advertising and e-Commerce. Revenues from advertising rose by 85% in comparison with the previous quarter of 2000 to three million marks, while e-commerce revenues doubled to 1.5 million marks. The fact that, in spite of decreasing margins and its unswerving commitment to growth as shown in its extremely attractive and competition-oriented tariffs, suffered only a slight drop in revenues in the division Connectivity from 5.9 million marks in the first quarter of the year to 4.6 million marks is clear proof of the successful continuation of the growth strategy of Germany's third-largest online service. Added together, these figures yield total sales of 17.4 million marks for the first six months of 2000. In the first six months of 1999, AG realised total revenues of 0.8 million marks.



1st Half 2000:4.6 million 2nd Quarter 2000: 3 million 1st Quarter 2000: 1.6 million


1st Half 2000: 2.3 million 2nd Quarter 2000: 1.5 million 1st Quarter 2000: 0.8 million


1st Half 2000: 10.5 million 2nd Quarter 2000: 4.6 million 1st Quarter 2000: 5.9 million

Turnover in Total: 1st Half 2000: 17.4 million 2nd Quarter 2000: 9.1 million 1st Quarter 2000: 8.3 million

Result from ordinary activities before taxes (IAS) 1st Half 2000: -6.0 million DM 2nd Quarter 2000: -3.8 million DM 1st Quarter 2000: -2.2 million DM

    The number of active users rose by 23% from 1.035 million in the first quarter of 2000 to 1.275 million in the second quarter. An even more drastic increase was seen in the number of online minutes for - a good 30% from 1.46 billion to 1.90 billion for the months from April to June. In the first half of 2000, acquired a total of 455,000 new customers or active users; based on marketing expenditures totalling 15 million marks, the acquisition costs per net new customer amounted to only 33 marks. The number of pages on the main portal rose by 111% from 1,900 at the end of March to about 4,000 at the end of June. At the same time, the number of content partners rose from 60 (I/2000) to over 80. The number of e-commerce partners increased from 67 to 93 as of 30 June. Newly acquired partners include autoscout 24, compaer AG,, VitaGo AG, and RTL-Primus-Power. In the meantime, has taken up an outstanding position on the German online market in terms of use of content. In the second quarter, over 250 million page impressions were booked in comparison to 151 million in the first quarter. The number of registered e-mail accounts rose by 58% in comparison with the first quarter, from 499,000 to 789,000 at the end of June; in the same period, the number of homepages rose by 53% from 72,000 to 110,000. The expansion of the staff to 112 employees as of 30 June, 2000 - 32 of them part-time - the strategic participation in music@liens AG and 4Players GmbH, a majority interest in life medien GmbH and a joint venture with Bruckmann Verlag in the second quarter of 2000 strengthened the foundation for further dynamic growth for Germany's third-largest online service.

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