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ots Ad hoc-Service: AG continues to forge ahead in the first quarter 2000

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    Hamburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      

    * 8.3 million Deutsche Mark sales     * Advertising income doubled     * E-Commerce proceeds increased five-fold     * 1.04 million active users

    In the first three months of the year 2000 recorded sales of 8.3 million Deutsche Mark. This is equivalent to an increase of 53 percent compared with the fourth quarter of 1999 for the online service based in Hamburg. The result before taxes was much better than anticipated, amounting to -2.189 million Deutsche Mark in the first quarter 2000. Despite massive investments in advertising, the expansion of its Internet presence and qualified employees, AG therefore continues to demonstrate the strong levels of growth witnessed since the IPO on the Neuer Markt in autumn 1999. The explosive growth of the company is reflected in the number of employees: In the first quarter 2000 the number of employees increased from 46 at the end of December 1999 to 78 at the end of March 2000.

    The increase in sales in the Advertising- and E-Commerce division was largely responsible for the extraordinarily positive development of results. Advertising income, for example, doubled from 800,000 Deutsche Mark in the previous quarter to 1.6 million Deutsche Mark this year. Proceeds from E-Commerce business even increased more than five-fold over the same period of time - from 146,000 Deutsche Mark to 762,000 Deutsche Mark. Revenue from Connectivity increased to 5.9 million Deutsche Mark despite the increased pressure on margins prevailing throughout the markets; this is equivalent to an increase of 33 percent compared with the fourth quarter 1999.

    Compared with the previous year's quarter, the number of active users rose by 26 percent in the first quarter of the year 2000 to a total of 1.04 million. During the same period of time the number of online minutes showed an even stronger increase of 40 percent to a total of 1.46 billion online minutes. At the same time the number of E-Mail account holders rose by 41 percent to 499,000 and the number of homepages increased by 33 percent to 72,000, compared with the fourth quarter 1999.

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