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07.02.2000 – 18:55

freenet AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: freenet.de AG Lightning start and rapid growth

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    Hamburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -    

    * DM6.8 million in revenues * 820,000 active Internet users * 52 e-commerce partners * 243 advertising partners * 353,000 e-mail customers

    In the 1999 financial year, freenet.de AG realised total revenues of DM6.8 million (Euro3.48 million). In the fourth-quarter of 1999 alone, the innovative Hamburg-based Internet service provider - a subsidiary of MobilCom AG - was able to report revenues of DM5.4 million (Euros2.78 million) and to establish itself as one of the three leading German online services. freenet.de's success is a result of rapid growth in all business areas of the Internet value chain - at year-end, freenet.de was already able to boast 820,000 active Internet users (553,000 at end-Q3 1999) and almost 400 million monthly Internet call-by-call minutes. The number of e-mail customers rose to 353,000 over the same period, the number of home pages to 54,000. At 31 December 1999, 243 advertising partners were using the freenet portal as an advertising medium and more than 50 e-commerce partners had signed cooperation agreements with freenet.de. In the interim, the number of e-commerce partners rose to more than 70.

    Freenet.de has quickly and consistently realised the strategy unveiled at the time of the IPO. In the course of 1999, the company significantly expanded its activities: large investments were made, among others, in the establishment of e-commerce activities with the introduction of uCompare, freenet.de's innovative comparative shopping system and its powerful data banks and specialised software. In addition, freenet.de invested in the further development of DINO Online, one of the largest German-language web catalogues on the Internet, and in the structuring and expansion of the freenet portal to more than 1,000 pages and interactive "Worlds". The investments in this preliminary phase have had an impact on operating profits - losses ran to DM874,000 (Euros446,870)for 1999.

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