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Interesting presentations, inspiring ideas: successful TEDx event at Jacobs University

Interesting presentations, inspiring ideas: successful TEDx event at Jacobs University
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Lotta came especially all the way from Düsseldorf. Her brother lives in Bremen and she gave him the ticket to the TEDx event held at Jacobs University on the weekend for Christmas. "When you listen to the talks," she sums up her impressions, "you realize that there is much more to the world than you perceive in everyday life. I found that pretty impressive." Marie from Hamburg sees it similarly: "You learned something from every presentation."

Presenting interesting ideas to the public and contributing to disseminating them - that is the philosophy of TEDx, the innovation conference organized by the students at Jacobs University. Pepe Dayaw demonstrated how to cook creatively using leftovers in the fridge. Olle Bergmann from Sweden presented his ideas on how scientists can explain their work better. Heiko Grein presented Songs & Whispers, a network for musicians.

The diversity of the presenters matched the diversity of the audience of the sold-out event, which included many visitors from outside of Jacobs University. They all praised the excellent organization and quality of the presentations. "It's a phenomenal platform to learn new things," says psychology student Clemens from Bremen. "It was really great."

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Jacobs University is a private, independent, English-medium university in Bremen. Young people from all over the world study here in preparatory, Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs. Internationality and transdisciplinarity are special features of Jacobs University: research and teaching don't just pursue a single approach, they address issues from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. This principle makes Jacobs graduates highly sought-after new talents who successfully strike out on international career paths.

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