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Discovering the geological history of planets

Discovering the geological history of planets
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"The geological histories of individual planets and moons is the key to understanding the Solar System as a whole", says Angelo Pio Rossi, Professor of Earth and Planetary Science at Jacobs University. Together with Prof. Dr. Stephan van Gasselt from National Chengchi University in Taiwan the scientist provides a geoscientific overview of solid Solar System bodies and their evolution in a recently published book.

Planetary research today is a strongly multidisciplinary endeavor with efforts coming from engineering and natural sciences. Key focal areas of study are the solid surfaces found in our Solar System. Some have a direct interaction with the interplanetary medium and others have dynamic atmospheres. The geological knowledge of those surfaces - and sub-surfaces - is a prerequisite to understand the Solar System as a whole as well as the planetary perspective of our own planet.

The book, published by the scientific publishing house Springer, turns mainly to undergraduate students and readers with a basic knowledge in Geology. It is divided into four sections including Methods and tools, Processes and Sources, Integration and Geological Syntheses and Frontiers. The latter covers the far-reaching broad topics of exobiology, early life, extreme environments and planetary resources, including the potential for extraterrestrial resource exploitation.

Prof. Rossi was recently involved in a project of the European Space Agency ESA. Together with other scientists, he supported ESA astronauts and engineers on Lanzarote providing training on geology and geophysics as part of the Pangea-X training program for space travelers.

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Planetary Geology, edited by Angelo Pio Rossi and Stephan van Gasselt, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-65177-4, 433 pages, 71,39 EUR (e-book), 90,94 EUR (Hardcover)

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Dr. Angelo Pio Rossi | Professor of Earth and Planetary Science | Tel.: +49 421 200-3153

About Jacobs University:

Jacobs University is a private, independent, English-language university in Bremen. Young people from all over the world study here in preparatory, Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs. Internationality and transdisciplinarity are special features of Jacobs University: research and teaching don't just pursue a single approach, they address issues from the perspectives of multiple disciplines. This principle makes Jacobs graduates highly sought- after new talents who successfully strike out on international career paths.

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Thomas Joppig | Brand Management, Marketing & Communications | Tel.: +49 421 200-4504

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