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C.A.T. oil AG: Notification pursuant to Sec 93 para 2 Austrian Stock Exchange

Act [1]
Vienna, 31.10.2014. In connection with the alleged transfer of the shares in
C.A.T. oil AG (ISIN: AT0000A00YA; 8; WKN A0JKWU; the Issuer) indirectly held by
Dr. Walter Höft, Dr. Walter Höft communicated the following to the Issuer on 29
October 2014 in accordance with section 91 et seq of the Austrian Stock Exchange

I, Dr Walter Höft, hold all shares in SKIBLE Holding Ltd, a company based in
Nicosia, Cyprus (Skible), which in turn holds all shares in CORALINE Limited, a
company based in Nicosia, Cyprus (Coraline). Coraline holds 49.75% shares in CAT
GmbH Consulting Agency Trade & Co, based in Nicosia, Cyprus (CAT GmbH & Co.KG).
In addition, CAT Trading Ges.mbH, Austria, a 100% subsidiary of Coraline, holds
a Managing Partner share interest of 0.5% in CAT GmbH & Co.KG. CAT GmbH & Co.KG
in turn holds 100% of the shares in Fairtune Limited, a company based in
Nicosia, Cyprus (Fairtune). Fairtune holds 100% of the shares in C.A.T. Holding
(Cyprus) Ltd., a company based in Nicosia, Cyprus (CAT Holding).
CAT Holding holds 47.697% of the shares in C.A.T. oil AG, FN 69011, based in
1010 Vienna, Kärntner Ring 11-13, Austria (Issuer). The shares of the Issuer are
listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Prime Market (ISIN AT0000A00Y78). In
accordance with sec. 91 BörseG, I thus indirectly hold a controlling interest in
CAT Holding within the meaning of sec. 91 BörseG and, as a consequence, a
controlling interest in the Issuer.
On 27 October 2014, I was informed by a Cypriot law firm that Joma Industrial
Source Corp, 142 Main Street, Jipfa Building, 3rd Floor, Road Town, Tortola,
British Virgin Islands (Joma Industrial Source Corp.) had exercised their
purchase right which had been granted to them on the basis of a call option,
resulting in my shareholding in SKIBLE Holdings Limited to be fully transferred
to Joma Industrial Source Corp. (the Presumed Transfer). I am not in the
possession of and have not seen any documentary proof of the Presumed Transfer.

As a result of the Presumed Transfer, my indirect holding of 23,300,000 shares
in the Issuer, a holding corresponding to a 47.697% share, would have been
transferred to Joma Industrial Source Corp., causing my shareholding to fall
below the 45% reporting threshold in accordance with sec. 91 (1) BörseG. My
share of voting rights would in future amount to 0% (zero voting rights).

In case of question, please contact:

Kärntner Ring 11-13 A
1010 Wien
Email: ir@catoilag.com

[1] This notification constitutes a convenience translation prepared by the

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Carolin Amann Tel: +49(0)69-92037-132 Email: carolin.amann@fticonsulting.com
Steffi Fahjen Tel: +49(0)69-92037-115 Email: steffi.fahjen@fticonsulting.com

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mail:     ir@catoilag.com
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ISIN:        AT0000A00Y78
indexes:     SDAX, Classic All Share, Prime All Share
stockmarkets: regulated dealing/prime standard: Frankfurt 
language:   English

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