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ots Ad hoc-Service: lebensart global networks lebensart global networks in take over of Bavaria's largest events agency, "CSS"/ Start of share buy-back programme

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    Augsburg (ots Ad hoc-Service) -
    lebensart global networks AG, in Augsburg, has taken  over  the
Munich based company CSS  Congress and Sponsorship Service GmbH, with
a 100% buyout. Through  the  integration and fusion of CSS  with
lebensart's subsidiary company CO-ORDINATES Reiseveranstaltungs GmbH
(a  sports,  incentives and events agency),  Bavaria's  largest
provider in the area of event marketing and sponsoring will now be
acting  as part of the lebensart network of companies.  The new
business, which ranks among the largest event agencies  in Europe,
will be known as CSS CO-ORDINATES GmbH and will  employ over 30
people. Among the company's established list of clients are such
prestigious names as BMW, Compaq, Siemens, Intel, Viag Interkom and
Philip Morris.
      lebensart is strengthening its activities in the growth area of
event  marketing.  More  and  more  companies  are  seeking  to
integrate  this  means  of  market  communication  into    their
business plans as a means of increasing client awareness.  With this
acquisition,  lebensart  steps  closer  to  its  goal  of building
up  a  full  service consultancy  and  communications agency
specialising in Lifestyle. This role of service supplier in    the
events  sector  will  be  further  expanded  on    the international
stage, with 11 lebensart offices across the world reinforcing a
global market presence.
      Mr.  Christian Timmer and Mr. Hans-Peter Knödler take  over  as
heads  of  CSS  CO-ORDINATES GmbH. Mr.  Knödler  has  been  the
managing  director  of  CO-ORDINATES  since  1990.  Mr.  Timmer
founded  CSS  in 1987 and is to date its managing director  and sole
owner.  He brings with him to the new business  his  long established
contacts and experience.
      With  a further 100% takeover, lebensart is also building  upon
its    media  business  concept.  The  graphics  agency  Michael
Schickinger,  with  offices in Augsburg, will  be  incorporated into
the lebensart subsidiary company lebensart media GmbH with the  aim
of creating a unique multi-media agency. Part  of  the buying  price
will be paid in lebensart global networks shares. The  authority  to
buy  back  the  company's  own  shares,  in accordance  with
paragraph 71 / Nr. 8  AktG,  is  based  on  a decision  of the annual
general meeting of 21st October,  1999. The  acquisition of the
shares will also follow  on  the  stock exchange.
      Contact: lebensart global networks AG - Department
Investor Relations - Daniel E. Adams, CFO Stefanie Nützel, Director
Investor Relations Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 35 D - 86150 Augsburg
    Tel. +49 - 821 - 345 45 50 Fax  +49 - 821 - 345 45 59

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