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Simpler, more human: AEG rewrites its design signature for New Collection
New Collection products combine pared down, minimalist forms with more engaging, interactive control functions

Berlin / Nuremberg (ots) - AEG is launching new products in all categories that speak a new design language that is both more simple and more humane. A strong design signature connects across the range, creating an aligned, integrated look. Horizontal lines give a sense of flow and integrity, while vertical lines delineate the intuitive control panels.

"As the kitchen is becoming an open space, the appliances design should be aligned across products to integrate seamlessly into an overall living space," comments AEG's Senior Design Manager, Hans Strohmeier. "Products should be outstanding, but should not disrupt the harmony of the kitchen."

Simplicity is not, of course, the simplest thing to achieve. It is always the result of considering a very great number of small details. "For example, our black or white appliances are now purely black or white, rather than a mix of black or white with stainless steel," Strohmeier says. "But to achieve an even finish, the paint must be applied to the outside of every part, rather than a mix of surface and underglass. It is more demanding in the production process, but for a perfect result we must do nothing less."

New, more intuitive controls create a smoother, more graceful connection between the appliance and the person using it. They use glass touch screens and minimalist, ordered graphics that engage the user intuitively. Displays are larger than before and usually centered vertically between horizontal spans.

"People interact with the appliances on a physical and metaphysical manner, using all sensorial cues," Strohmeier says. "It can be the sound of the feedback of the machine or the feel of the material a pushbutton is made of."

Whilst the interface is information-rich and extremely powerful in what it enables the user to do, its design is pure and simple, so using it never feels complicated. For example, the number of different materials is kept to a minimal two: glass and steel. The displays are red when lit, as on all appliances in the New Collection - so that there is just one key 'accent' color throughout the kitchen.

"We worked hard to create a very purist interface, one that feels beautifully simple to use," Strohmeier says.

Strohmeier says that the New Collection products have been created for people who not only demand superior performance time after time, but who enjoy the process and expression of perfection: "Their appliances are an extension of themselves that empower a flawless performance, like the instrument of a professional musician."

The New Collection includes:

   - ProCombi, a steam oven that delivers better tasting food
   - ProFresh, a refrigerator that keeps fresh food fresher longer
   - ProClean, a dishwasher that immaculately cleans all sizes of 
   - ProTex, a washing machine that delivers gentle, precise washing
   - MaxiKlasse, a large-capacity oven with new airflow technology 
     and precise temperature control for perfect result on any shelf 
   - MaxiSense, the zone-free induction hob for perfect heat control 
     in any size of pan  and
   - Crystal Line, an elegant, modular hob range that completes a set
     of professional tools. 

"AEG will change the way we look at high-end German appliances," says Strohmeier. "The New Collection combines the most advanced electronic solutions with a design that is clean, pure, ordered and, above all, absolutely stunning. You will want to touch it, look at it, listen to it, see it in your home."

The New Collection is being supported by synchronized, 360-degree campaigns. The campaigns are focused on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux. TV commercials aim to build interest and engage passions, print to bridge the gap between engagement and product information, and online to build ongoing relationships with communities of interested consumers. This represent a significant increase in brand and sales efforts, the company says.

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