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Precious waste

Berlin / Nuremberg (ots) - Electrolux new range of green vacuum cleaners are made from plastic waste and use significantly less energy than a standard cleaner. They meet highest expectations to design and perormance, while contributing to a greener world.

The dilemma of having to choose between green and performance has come to an end. Electrolux latest engineering coup has resulted in a range of vacuum cleaners that are strong, beautiful and the greenest on the market. A choice for those wanting to contribute to a greener future.

Using plastics

Most of us appreciate the convenience of plastic products in every day life. From food preservation to water bottles and summer sandals, plastics have become such an integral part of life, it is hard to imagine us without it.

But picturing the amount of plastics each individual disposes regularly, the necessity for reuse becomes evident. 260 million tons of plastics are produced each year and only less than 5% are recycled.

Making quality products from plastic waste is a highly complex procedure and a challenge for recycling industry and manufacturers.

Superior performance, just green

With the new green range of cleaners, Electrolux has succeeded to deliver the same supreme performance but in a green shell. The models are made from 55% - 70% recycled plastics and save up to 50% energy, compared with an average 2000w cleaner.

The latest achievement is the UltraOne Green, containing 70% recycled plastics and no PVC at all.

All green products are known from their twin siblings UltraOne, UltraSilencer, UltraActive, ErgoSpace and Jetmaxx.

Engineering triumph: same performance with less wattage

Electrolux has reduced the wattage in all green high performance cleaners to 1000 - max 1300 watt, without significant loss of suction and pickup.

Other key components like the airflow and the nozzle construction are important indicators for superior performance. They are developed to excellence in all cleaners and compensate thus for lower wattage.

Environmental impact

The usage of recycled plastics saves in average 90% of the water and 80 - 90% of the energy used when producing virgin plastics.

Electrolux Green Range additionally saves between 33 and 50 % energy, compared with an average 2000w cleaner. This translates to 0,5 - 1 W less energy consumption per hour of usage.

"If we used a green cleaner for ten years, we would save enough energy to make a 60 W light bulb burn day and night for 253 days. Over the same period we would reduce CO2 emissions by 320 kg - enough to drive a car 1918 kilometres", says Jonas Magnusson, Business Segment Manager at Electrolux. "It is really up to everyone involved to do their best in acting responsibly: the recycling and producing industry, governments and last but not least the consumers."

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