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Press Release: Ottobock expands Paexo product range for ergonomic workplaces

Press Release: Ottobock expands Paexo product range for ergonomic workplaces
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Ottobock expands product range for ergonomic workplaces

New at EXO Berlin: Paexo Soft Back and Paexo Neck

Med-tech company Ottobock is expanding the Paexo product range and therefore its portfolio of industrial exoskeletons by premiering the Paexo Soft Back, which supports the lower spine, and a neck support called Paexo Neck at EXO Berlin. Visitors to the international trade show and conference for exoskeletons on 22 and 23 October can see the relieving effect of the exoskeletons for themselves at exhibition stand 1913. "Thanks to our developments, we are blazing new trails in terms of providing permanently healthier working conditions. The Paexo product line benefits employees in industry, logistics and trades in particular," says Dr Sönke Rössing, Head of Ottobock Industrials.

Paexo Soft Back for an ergonomic posture

The Paexo Soft Back supports the user's lower spine when carrying out activities in the standing position and handling light loads. It promotes an ergonomic posture so the user can even complete longer assembly tasks while standing. The exoskeleton can be put on easily in a few seconds like a hip belt. Available in sizes S through XXL, it features a discreet design and flexible adaptation options.

User Sascha Döring, Production Supervisor at Ottobock, was impressed by the product's positive effect after initial tests: "We are constantly lifting shipping crates and moving pallets in our day-to-day work. That means we often assume a stooped position posture or crouch down to work - and the Paexo Soft Back provides noticeable relief for my back in these situations. My experience with the product has been completely positive."

Paexo Neck makes overhead work easier

The new neck support Paexo Neck relieves the cervical spine during overhead work. "It works like a hammock. The user can simply lay their head back and relax while the product supports them in this position," says Rössing. Thanks to various adjustment possibilities, the shoulder and neck regions can be individually adapted for maximum comfort, especially during activities such as ceiling installations or visual inspections. The Paexo Neck is quick and easy to apply due to the sturdy yet feather-light design.

"The Soft Back and Neck versions complement the Paexo product range perfectly, letting us provide relief for other muscles. What's more, they are both ideal for combining with the Paexo Shoulder, so we can for example support the neck and shoulder girdle simultaneously," Rössing says of the product variations.

The Paexo product range at a glance

Weighing just 1.9 kilograms, the Paexo Shoulder is the lightest exoskeleton of its kind. It is worn close to the body similar to a backpack. It is proven to transfer the weight of the raised arms to the hips during overhead work with the help of mechanical cable pull technology. People who place strain on their thumb at work on a daily basis benefit from the Paexo Thumb. The small and extremely lightweight exoskeleton provides relief during assembly tasks such as clipping, connecting and plugging by redirecting forces to the entire hand. The Paexo Wrist supports movements in the wrist while lifting and holding heavy objects.

"We are very pleased to already be presenting such a broad portfolio of marketable exoskeletons at EXO Berlin," says Rössing of the rapid development of the Paexo product line. Ottobock has been researching innovative solutions for preventive occupational health since 2012 based on one hundred years of expertise in biomechanics and orthopaedics. Various industries such as aviation, the automotive sector, the food industry and shipbuilding benefit from the company's ergonomic devices.

Interested parties can obtain further information about the Paexo product line by telephone at +49 5527 848-1482 or e-mail at Ottobock Industrials offers individual consultations and test packages on request. Products are distributed directly through Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA at Max-Näder-Strasse 15, 37115 Duderstadt, Germany.

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