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June 2002 - FRA Traffic Figures: Significant Increase in Air Cargo Tonnage at Frankfurt Airport

    Frankfurt, Germany (ots) -
    Sign of positive development of traffic figures; Fraport AG's Dr.
Wilhelm Bender: "Clear indicator for the expected recovery of the
global economy."
    In June 2002, 4.4 million passengers traveled through Frankfurt
Airport (FRA), 4.7 percent less than in the same month last year. The
main reason for the prevailing standoffish demand for flights and
package tours continued to be the economic situation and the ensuing
consumer caution. Although decreases in traffic to the U.S.A. have
clearly shrunk and traffic to the Middle East shows positive results
again, this does not effect an overall positive result yet. Fraport
AG expects traffic volumes to grow again in the third quarter of
    Traffic at the Frankfurt hub has not declined as much as at other
airports during the first six months of the year. Frankfurt Airport
recorded 4.3 percent less passengers and thus faired much better than
the average at all other German airports with minus 8.4 percent.
Frankfurt increased its market share - based on the total count of
German passengers - from 34.6 percent at the end of 2001 to 36.6
    Munich has a share of 17.4 percent and Düsseldorf 10.5 percent.
    For the first time in 14 months Frankfurt Airport registered a
significant increase in airfreight activity: In June 2002, FRA
handled 129,090 metric tons of cargo or 5.7 percent more.
Intercontinental traffic and the particularly strong ties with the
Far East, which increased by almost one-fourth over the same period
in the previous year, served as a growth engine. On North Atlantic
routes cargo volumes increased by nearly ten percent in June.
"Experience shows that the air cargo sector is an important early
indicator for a growing and developing world economy", said Dr.
Wilhelm Bender, Fraport AG's Chairman of the Executive Board. "We
believe that the current results are a strong indicator for the
expected recovery of the global economy and for the coming upswing at
Frankfurt Airport."
    The number of aircraft movements is still slightly below the
previous year's count. FRA recorded 39,168 takeoffs and landings in
June (a 0.9 percent decline compared to the same period last year).
Because airlines met passenger demand by deploying smaller aircraft
the Maximum Takeoff Weights (MTOW) dropped by 3.7 percent to 2.1
million metric tons.
         Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for June 2002
                              June 2002    Change (2)  Jan.-June    Change (2)
                                                 June 02/         2002          Jan.-June
                                                 June 01                            02/01
         Passengers         4.4          -4.7%          22.9          -4.3%
         in millions
         Airfreight      129.1            5.7%         723.7          -2.8%
         in thousands of
         metric tons
         Airmail            11.2          -4.2%          68.9          -0.4%
         in thousands of
         metric tons
         Aircraft          39.2          -O.9%         222.5          -1.5%
         Movements (1)
         in thousands
         MTOWs          2,141.5          -3.7%    11,962.3          -5.7%
         in thousands of
         metric tons
         Punctuality      81.7                              81.4
         share of punctual arrivals
         and departures in percent
         (1) Excluding military flights
         (2) Rate of change based on unrounded numbers

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