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Regional Planning Procedure for Airport Expansion Proceeds on Schedule

    Frankfurt, Germany (ots) - Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide - the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport's (FRA) - has received confirmation that the regional planning procedure (Raumordnungsverfahren or ROV) on FRA's expansion program is moving ahead as scheduled. On October 23 the Darmstadt regional administrative district confirmed that, after thorough examination of the documentation submitted, it has been found to be plausible and complete. This internal government ROV procedure will be formally launched with the public notification in the Hessian State Gazette (Hessiche Staatsanzeiger).  

    Municipalities, public-interest organizations and trade associations are all involved in the ROV. From November 12 to December 21, interested residents in the region can look at the documentation, plans and numerous scientific expert opinions. The ROV is legally required to run for six months. All objections raised against Frankfurt Airport's planned capacity expansion will be addressed by mid-April 2002.

    On August 27, Fraport AG officially filed its application for initiating the ROV. The ROV will examine expansion in terms of regional planning and environmental compatibility. Fraport AG favors the so-called "northwest option" as the location for the new runway.

    Along with another runway, the airport expansion plan calls for an additional passenger terminal and other necessary operating and infrastructure facilities. The documentation presented by Fraport AG to the Darmstadt regional administrative district comprises some 16 binders, filled with about 6,000 text pages and 300 plans. The ROV will be followed by the zoning procedure (public plan approval procedure), which will begin in the summer of 2002.

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