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EANS-Voting Rights: Telekom Austria AG
Publication of an Announcement according to art. 93 BörseG with the objective of Europe-web publication

  Notification of voting rights transmitted by euro adhoc. The issuer is
  responsible for the content of this announcement.
Release according to article 93 BörseG with the aim of a Europe-wide

Person/company obliged to make the notification:

Name:    Citigroup Inc.
Place:   Wilmington, Delaware 
State:   USA

Announcement According to § 91ff Austrian Stock Exchange Act

Vienna, 1 August 2016: Today, the Telekom Austria Group (VSE: TKA, OTC US:
TKAGY) was informed about the following:

1. Issuer: Telekom Austria AG
2. Reason for the notification: Acquisition / disposal of instruments
                        Acquisition or disposal of financial/other instruments
3. Person subject to notification obligation

      Name: Citigroup Inc.
      City: Wilmington, Delaware
      Country: USA

4. Name of shareholder(s): Citigroup Global Markets Limited, Citigroup Global
Markets Funding Luxembourg
5. Date on which the threshold was crossed or reached: 28/07/2016

6. Total positions

                 % of voting    % of voting        Total of both   Total number
                 rights         rights through     in % (7.A+7.B)  of voting
                 attached to    financial/other                    rights of
                 shares (7.A)   instruments                        issuer
                                (7.B.1 + 7.B.2)                                

Resulting          3.90 %           11.71 %          15.62 %       664,500,000 
situation on                                                          
the date on                                                           
threshold was                                                         
crossed /                                                             

Position of                                                           

7. Notified details of the resulting situation:

A. Voting rights attached to shares
ISIN Code          Number of voting rights             % of voting rights
                  Direct         Indirect             Direct        Indirect
              (Sec 91 BörseG)  (Sec 92 BörseG)   (Sec 91 BörseG) (Sec 92 BörseG)

AT0000720008                     25,943,824                          3.90%
SUBTOTAL A              25,943,824                           3.90%

B 1: Financial / Other Instruments pursuant to Sec. 91a para. 1 No. 1 BörseG

Type of         Expiration    Exercise      Number of voting          % of
instrument      Date          Period        rights that may           voting
                                            be acquired if            rights
                                            the instrument
                                            is exercised

Call-Option     07/08/2023      NA            51,887,646                7.81%
Swap            04/08/2023      NA            25,943,824                3.90%
                              SUBTOTAL B.1    77,831,470               11.71%

B 2: Financial / Other Instruments pursuant to Sec. 91a para. 1 No. 3 BörseG

Type of     Expiration  Exercise   Physical /      Number of      % of
instrument  Date        Period     Cash Settlement voting rights  voting rights
                                    SUBTOTAL B.2                        

8. Information in relation to the person subject to the notification
Full chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or
the financial/other instruments are effectively held starting with the ultimate
controlling natural person or legal entity:

No.         Name         Directly     Shares held    Financial/other    Total of
                         controlled   directly (%)   instruments held   both (%)
                         by No.                      directly (%)           

1           Citigroup                                                    

2           Citigroup       1            3.90 %           3.90%          7.80%
3           Citigroup       2                             7.81%          7.81%

9. In case of proxy voting
Date of general meeting: -
Voting rights after general meeting: - is equivalent to - voting rights.

10. Additional Comments:
Please note, the call option held on Citigroup Global Markets Funding
Luxembourg was the result of an inter-company booking with Citigroup Global
Markets Limited.

Matthias Stieber
Director Investor Relations
Telekom Austria Group
Phone: +43 (0) 50 664 39126

Disclaimer for forward-looking statements:                                      
This document contains forward-looking statements. These forward-looking
are usually accompanied by words such as "believe", "intend", "anticipate",
"expect" and similar expressions. Actual events may differ materially from those
anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of a number of
Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties. A number of
important factors could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially
those expressed in any forward-looking statement. Neither Telekom Austria Group
any other person accepts any liability for any such forward-looking statements. 
Telekom Austria Group will not update these forward-looking statements, whether

to changed factual circumstances, changes in assumptions or expectations. This  
report does not constitute a recommendation or invitation to purchase or sell   
securities of Telekom Austria Group.                                            

Further inquiry note:
Matthias Stieber
Director Investor Relations
Tel.: +43 (0) 50 664 39126

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

issuer:      Telekom Austria AG
             Lassallestrasse 9
             A-1020 Wien
sector:      Telecommunications
ISIN:        AT0000720008
indexes:     WBI, ATX Prime, ATX
stockmarkets: official market: Wien 
language:   English

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