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    - Cross-reference: photos were sent via satellite and are available at:          Munich (ots) -          Under the slogan "researching for our automobile future", the new science portal of the BMW Group offers a wealth of exciting, up-to-the-minute news and background info on science, research and transportation policy

    Will the vision of a hydrogen age soon become everyday routine?
Will telematics allow us to avoid all traffic jams? Does our society
possess unlimited mobility or does mobility place unexpected
limitations on us? The new ScienceClub of the BMW Group provides
knowledge-hungry surfers with a comprehensive insight into the
exciting world of BMW research and development. "It is a great
tradition of our company not only to find innovative solutions but
also to communicate them," says Detlef Frank, head of Science and
Transportation at BMW.
    The quarterly press service "Science, Research, Development" has
already been in operation since 1994, providing journalists and
university professors with an important information and research
resource. "But since subjects such as 'Sustainable mobility' or
'Transportation and the environment' are increasingly attracting
broader interest," says Frank, "we are giving this science forum a
new online home at . In addition to
this, we will also be continuously expanding the range of information
available in the Science&Mobility area."
    As well as ScienceNews, which provides users with current
background reports from A as in Active Safety to Z as in Zero
Emissions, the SciencePool provides a top quality online reference
resource with over 150 articles from the press service "Science,
Research, Development". The range of information provided by the new
BMW science portal also includes a number of interesting science
links and a preview of themes and dates.
    "The aim of our Science Club is to respond on the World Wide Web
to the growing interest of the public at large in innovative
solutions from the field of science and transportation policy -
beyond the BMW horizon, too," explains Gubitz, head the Product and
Technology Division of BMW Group Communication. In this way, the BMW
Group not only demonstrates its innovation expertise but is also
meeting its social responsibilities as an automobile manufacturer."
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