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Hydrogen promotion: BMW 750hL hydrogen fleet on world tour First stop: Dubai 1st February 2001

Hydrogen promotion: BMW 750hL hydrogen fleet on world tour First stop: Dubai 1st February 2001

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      Munich (ots) - With the departure of ten BMW 750hL cars by air
transport today, the CleanEnergy WorldTour 2001 has been launched. In
the next six months, the BMW hydrogen vehicles will go out in search
of answers to key questions: how and where will hydrogen be produced?
How will the political framework be provided? How will the hydrogen
be transported and a filling station network established? And what
contribution can hydrogen cars make to the reduction of CO2
    The CleanEnergy WorldTour thus continues the German success story
of the BMW hydrogen cars throughout the world: since the presentation
of the vehicles in Berlin on May 11th 2000, the BMW 750hL have
covered over 100,000 kilometers without problems .The result of this
long-term test is that hydrogen-powered combustion engines have now
been realised as a technological solution. They offer numerous
benefits in terms of cost, weight and versatility of use without
foregoing superior driving performance and customary engine power.
    Now that the BMW Group has present the zero-litre car, a hydrogen
infrastructure is necessary. Consistent reduction of CO2 will only be
possible when hydrogen is regeneratively produced in sufficient
quantities. The customer will not accept hydrogen until filling
stations are available, and hydrogen power will only assert itself on
the market when the European Union has established clear regulations.
      The first stage of the CleanEnergy WorldTour takes the fleet to
Dubai on February 1st. Countries on the sun belt of the earth such as
Dubai are particularly well suited for the cheap, regenerative
production of solar energy. For Arabian states, hydrogen also
presents itself as an potential economic alternative to finite fossil
fuels such as mineral oil.
    With five events in Dubai, Brussels, Milan, Tokyo and Los Angeles,
the CleanEnergy WorldTour aims to give new impulses for hydrogen as
an energy source. BMW presents the fleet in these cities with the
goal of seeking answers to crucial questions. In this way, the BMW
Group is making a contribution to the realisation of sustainable
energy with hydrogen as source of power.
    Technical data of the BMW 750hL: bivalent 5.4 litre 12-cylinder
V-engine, 0-100 km/h in 9.6 s, max. 226 km/h, safety-optimised 140
litre hydrogen fuel tank with encapsulation, range with hydrogen: 350
kilometres, additional petrol operation possible. Permanent vehicle
power supply from 5kW, 42V fuel cell unit.

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