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06.08.2001 – 12:27

Grünenthal Gruppe

Pain management means more than just selling drugs
Grünenthal's sponsorship of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) underlines the company's commitment to palliative care

    Aachen, Germany (ots)

Grünenthal is a pharmaceutical company based in Aachen, Germany, with subsidiaries in Europe and many other countries of the world. The main fields of international sales' activities are anti-infectives and analgesics. Grünenthal's analgesic portfolio comprises mainly opioids, such as the centrally acting analgesics tramadol and morphine as well as an innovative buprenorphine formulation in a matrix patch, the buprenorphine TDS ( As a manufacturer of key analgesics essental in the palliative care setting, Grünenthal supports palliative care structures across Europe and in many other countries of the world. Consequently, Grünenthal has committed itself to improving the situation of terminal pain patients by supporting the emerging hospice movement in Germany and Europe, making donations to selected initiatives in palliative care and being present at international palliative care congresses with scientific symposia.          Now, a further piece has been added to the company's commitment in palliative care by supporting the work of the EAPC with a major EAPC sponsorship running for two years ( The European Association for Palliative Care - EAPC - is a non-profit organisation devoted to improve the knowledge and awareness of health professionals dedicated to palliative and consequently patient care in this vital sector of medicine. The organisation is affiliated with other palliative care associations in various countries, thus communicating with some 22000 healthcare professionals across Europe. Bi-annual congresses are organised which promulgate new experiences and information to palliative medicine professionals.          Grünental's sponsorship will not only cover a considerable amount of money in each of the two years but also the active participation of Grünenthal's European subsidiaries in palliative care initiatives in their own countries. The French Grünenthal subsidiairies have already started negotiations with the French Chapter of Palliative Care Association (SFAP) with the aim to become their main sponsor.      ots Original Text Service: Grünenthal GmbH Internet:

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