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LaserSoft Imaging's new SilverFast DC creates brilliant images from digital camera data
SilverFast DC is an incredibly powerful and intuitive tool for all Digital Cameras.

Kiel, Germany (ots) - LaserSoft Imaging, the developer of the world's best scan software SilverFast Ai, is now offering the digital camera users the powerful and intuitive features of SilverFast Ai.

    SilverFast DC enables fast and efficient optimization of image data from digital cameras with predictable colour. Images from digital cameras will especially benefit from SilverFast' s intelligent auto-adjust and LAB-Unsharp masking, which does not sharpen the colour noise of single channels, but instead only sharpens the image's edges effectively.

    SilverFast DC's unique real-time processing preview with the embedded intelligence from high end colour reproduction is gives the user an intuitive and professional approach securing maximum image quality.

    SilverFast DC contains all highlights of SilverFast Ai, such as:

    Real-Time Correction     Auto-adjust with artificial intelligence     Professional Unsharp Masking     Colour Cast Removal Slider     Selective Color Correction for the professional User     Integrated ICC-based colour management into Photoshop     RGB, CMYK, LAB-TIFF, EPS, DCS and JPEG output formats

    SilverFast DC's ScanPilot guides the novice user through the optimum steps for brilliant images while the professional user has full densitometric control over all image quality aspects. In addition to these features SilverFast DC can show all images through the Picture Overview. SilverFast DC can also be upgraded to SilverFast DC Pro with SilverFast IT8- Calibration and the SilverFast JobManagement. This would allow to batch correct and process multiple images on the fly.

    SilverFast DC is available for Apple Macintosh OS, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and ME.

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