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Soft lighting creates an inviting atmosphere
Johnson Controls and Philips present new lighting solution for automotive interiors

    Burscheid, Germany (ots) - At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Johnson Controls and Philips will present for the first time an innovative lighting solution for the rear overhead area. What's special about this new lighting system is that it is seamlessly integrated beneath the textile surface of the headliner, making it invisible until switched on. When switched on, it generates soft, diffused lighting, creating a cozy atmosphere that makes the driving experience more pleasurable for both driver and passengers.          With this new concept, Johnson Controls demonstrates how broad-surface flat light sources can be integrated into the overhead system without limiting the headroom of those seated in the rear of the vehicle. The seamlessly integrated plastic plate is covered with the same material as the rest of the headliner, making it invisible until switched on and giving the overhead area an appealing, homogeneous look. Light intensity can be regulated from ambient to entry light. This is made possible by the new HiPerReflex lamp from Philips. Measuring only 16 mm x 35 mm, the lamp is designed to optimally incouple light via optical fibers, yielding a high luminous efficiency.

    An added benefit is the lamp's long life and the fact that it functions without a control device - and less complexity means more space in the vehicle. The new lighting system offers excellent color rendering; even when vehicle lighting is dimmed, colors are seen as if by daylight and the light spectrum generated is warm and inviting.               New lighting concept based on Johnson Controls' integration